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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

August press releases: Brown outdoes the boys

Maybe we missed something, but it appears to have been a slow month for press releases from our SOWHAs (state officials with higher ambitions). Attorney General John Kroger issued only two. That's his all-time low month; we hope everything's o.k. Treasurer Ted Wheeler also managed only an anemic pair of releases, and Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian, who's running for Congress, didn't issue any releases in his state official capacity.

The champ for the month was Secretary of State Kate Brown, who sent out four releases. And it could have been five, but for some funny reason she didn't say a peep about her office formally accusing Portland school district officials of abuse of office in connection with last May's bond election. If that had been some conservative county commission out in eastern Oregon, the press release would have been fast and fiery hot. Oh, well -- she's still the champ for the month, albeit far behind Kroger and Wheeler in the year-long tally. The tale of the tape can currently be found in our left sidebar.

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