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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A reassuring sign

Yesterday we noted our apprehension over the fact that Oregon's attorney general had gone almost an entire month without issuing a press release. No sooner had we posted that, however, than our fears were put to rest: We received from the fearless AG an e-mail message about "Tips for Protecting Children Online." Among the tips:

Even if it doesn't always seem to be the case, kids want your guidance and wisdom on confusing topics like emotions, health, friendships and relationships. Let your kids know you accept and are open to any question about these or other difficult topics. You may feel distress when talking about sensitive topics, but you can listen and guide lovingly, even when you are worried.

Perhaps he used these skills himself in the Beau Breedlove investigation. In any event, all's back to normal. Continue about your business.

Comments (7)

I'm confused. Is John Kroger still Oregon's attorney general or has he somehow become our Chief Psychologist?

Do these people truly have no idea how condescending they sound?

Giving the relative timing of Jack's post and Kroger's press release, I can't help but think it's intentional. And the content chosen is one that's of course hard to disagree with, but certainly questionable given it's coming out of the AG's office. Almost like it was put there as bait, daring us to comment on it.

But we're not easily distracted. The real issue to focus on - Kroger's staff misdeeds - is still front and center on the radar. And I'm awaiting answers.

Best to do for our children:
Clean up corruption!

Then many explanations and sensitive conversations may not be needed, such as trying to explain "confusing" corrupt relationships.

Why aren't all the statists upset the the gov is parenting the people like the Church did? Oh wait..

Maybe he is being funny: Commenting on how he is working for "the children", knowing this blog is on to that. Maybe his silence means he is onto something big, like how rip off artists wind up in high places in the state, including the AG's office. Now that the Senate has confirmed Amanda Marshall and Holton is leaving office, Kroger is my best hope as someone who will expose high level abuses.

I would like to thank Mr. Kroger for these pearls of wisdom.

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