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Thursday, September 15, 2011

A naming oppportunity, missed

This place should have been called Emilie Boyles High School.

Aw, what the heck-- it's only money. Nothing's gonna happen.

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This gets frustrating. There are some good charter schools (esp the online ones) that serve a purpose (you can tell by how ard the OEA fights them). Then yuo get these that seem like they are colossally mis-managed.

Same thing for green energy projects - There are a very few good ideas that get swamped out by the shysters looking for handouts.

Problem is that it is govt that decides these things and they are idiots when it comes to spending other people's money.

Portland's own down-sized version of Solyndra...both bad ideas, funded anyway and totally mis-managed with no accountability.

Shameful at both levels.

I hate reading bad news about a charter school, but this one had EPIC FAIL written all over it.

Until recently, how many successful charter schools received half a million in federal grants before they had opened their doors?

I'm guessing it was somewhere between few and none.

We are witnessing an age of large scale government mal-investment at all levels.

Nothing's gonna happen.

"Forget it, Jack. It's Stumptown."

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