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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A cheer from the end zone

Our friend Brian writes:

Okay, so, let's say you're a diehard Ohio fan. No... seriously... I mean a DIEHARD Ohio fan...

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Speechless, then: OMG then: Whats the rest of the story?

He's not telling.

4th down, eternity to go.

I think he's the Ohio State NCAA compliance officer.

Good thing Ohio isn't in the Pac-12, otherwise making an O might have been in bad taste.

The "O" gesture seems borderline pornographic.

Mystery solved..

My birthplace. These are my people. I know what drives them. I'm not at all surprised.

So God's an Ohio fan too?

But would the dear, departed "I" have approved of the new uniforms?

"The greatest departure from the norm is Ohio State, which — unlike its previous exercises in 'Pro Combat' modeling in 2009 and 2010 — doesn't bother with the pretense of honoring an old team with a 'throwback' motif. "

In Ohio, there ain't much else going on. Except out-migration.

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