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Thursday, September 8, 2011

A bit of revisionism at Portland Schools

Today's Trib reports:

One of the first tasks this year of the new Portland School Board will be to consult with the eight district employees who violated election laws regarding messaging over the two recent school ballot measures.

Board members will discuss whether the district should seek outside counsel to appeal the ruling and $75 fines. If board members opt to appeal, each named employee will then decide whether to join the group’s defense or fight it solo.

One wonders whether the school board members have noticed that as the Trib reported last week, the district has already consulted with the Miller Nash firm about the alleged violations. That firm doesn't do too much work for free.

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Time to spend more tax-payer dollars to defend the right of public employees to divert tax-payer dollars to advocate for the expenditure of more tax-payer dollars because it's FOR THE CHILDREN and if you don't agree you are a racist hater and the public employee unions will use tax-payer dollars to hound you into silence.

eight district employees who violated election laws

It seems to me that they admitted that the law was broken. They didn't see alleged, accused of, or anything else to qualify that statement.

Where can I sign the petition to request the country bill the guilty ?

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