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Thursday, August 18, 2011

You got that right, friend

Mr. Cell Tower Neighbor at 31st and Prescott gets full play in today's Trib. His money quote: "They seem to think I’m the bad man."

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Anyone have a ballpark estimate for the amount of money a homeowner would receive for housing this equipment? No, I'm not considering this for my property.

Chris, that's a really good question, because that honestly depends upon what he was able to negotiate. I notice that he refused to say exactly how much: he's probably under contract not to say anything, because then others would take his amount as the baseline and demand more if T-Mobile came sniffing around.

That seems like a semi-industrial use for a fairly residential piece of property.

The mobile phone equipment destined for his property seems like a very small-scale analogue to an electrical substation, many of which are scattered around resitential areas of Portland. I wonder if new substations can be placed on any residential lots with little or no public input.

I think about $1500/ month is in the ball park.

Did a quick google and the best thing I found was from 2010. Listed rental rates from various areas in the country and ranged from $750 to $1650 a month.

The story says he's been getting rent since 2008. The question would be how much were the cell phone companies paying back then.

Lets see, he's 62 and unemployed, chances are he's headed for early Social Security which probably won't be enough to make his note.
So if his neighbors keep him tied up in the city bureaucrats offices long enough they should be able to buy his property at the Sheriff's sale and just add another old man to the streets.

pj - maybe someone can put a nuisance next to your house and you will then sing a different tune

Definitely better to have this guy living on the street than to have a nuisance next door.

I live next to some budding Frank Perdue wannabes who shall I say don't seem to have an AG degree.

This guy was quoted saying that HE didn't think there was any danger and HE didn't have any problems with the installation. Unfortunately his neighbors have to live with it to and they aren't getting paid and they have not had any choice in the matter.

I'm sure the notifications that were required were done, and the community input was dealt with when this was originally permitted 3-years ago. (That is what I read right?)

I'm sure rules have changed since then, so it might be more difficult to get a permit now. (Somebody may be in big trouble for not starting the work soon enough.)

I'm beginning to think that SamRand have it out for our old classic neighborhoods. Commercialization, industrialization and whatnot has and is coming to our neighborhoods. We should all be highrise and denseified.

Besides celltowers in frontyards, corner lots that can become duplexes or two homes, no off-street parking requirements enforced and many more, we have this newly discovered tidbit:

Residential lots can have childcare schools up to 16 kids. And the home doesn't have to be owner occupied, but can have someone renting the home and then make it a childcare center. Surprise. Even the CoP staff person when quizzed about why 16 kids, how did that number come about-no answer. But they did reply that it didn't make sense and certainly they wouldn't want a 16 kid facility next to their home.

Our neighborhoods are under siege and there isn't a Commissioner helping. Pretty soon we'll have foodcarts allowed in the frontyards in our nice residential neighborhoods.

I think that as long as we live in such a restrictive enclave that insists such things as land use, garbage bags, and how we handle food scraps be regulated, we should expect that residents may lash out at their condescending, elitist, neighbors, who seek to control how we live, and frankly I don't blame them. It is a matter of respect, and when some seek to take away the ability of others to make decisions for themselves - they will find a way to lash out against those who impose such restrictions. I think the electorate who supports such a condescending view, and works to control the actions of others, get a cell tower in their neighbors front yard.

The installation in question sits on a busy stretch of Prescott. It is
passed all day and nite by Trimet busses. I am fairly sure the pollution from these dozens of busses is a greater health risk.
Almost everyone has a cell phone , and it is each of you that drive the need for these facilities.

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