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Monday, August 1, 2011

Why the federal government is broke

It spends so much time and money screwing around with stuff that doesn't matter.

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I wonder if it ever heard of the statute of limitations.

Ray, in this case, you wouldn't have a statute of limitations on a felony of this sort. However, it's become painfully obvious, for the last 20 years, that D.B. died in the cold on his way down. At this point, it's like trying to solve the Jack the Ripper case or the Kennedy assassination: would it really change things if we knew who D.B. Cooper really was, considering that he probably became wolverine chow?

Neither Ray nor the Triffid Rancher are correct.

The statute of limitations was five (5) years from the hijacking.

A federal grand jury in Portland, from which the NWO 727 flight departed with "Cooper" on board indicted "John Doe, aka Dan Cooper" before the statute ran.

Charges having been filed, the running of the statute of limitations is "tolled". It stops running. "Cooper's" status, as either a fugitive or coyote feed in the Cascades, is not affected by the statute of limitations once an indictment is returned.

Note: The name on the passenger ticket and the reservation was "Dan Cooper". "D.B. Cooper" is a press error - lots of press errors from that source - in the Oregonian the day after the hijacking, which was picked up by the AP and perpetuated endlessly.

Someone with the intellect and resourcefulness of as Cooper would have a circle of friends and be missed.
I think he made it out alive.

Don't forget tax evasion on the money. That's why they're pursuing them instead of elected officials

I think it's a completely fascinating story, and I'm glad to know they're still working on it. I'm pretty sure he made it out alive, and I hope we find out exactly how he did it, and what he did over the years.

He's in his 80's if alive. I think it's a little late for him to pay his debt to society.

A local TV show called "Adrenaline Hunter" -- on Comcast Sports Network, of all places -- did a show that sorta/kinda re-created the DB Cooper jump. The show put forth a fairly plausible hypothesis that "Cooper" survived and lived out his years in some small town like Aumsville. Kenny Christiansen was the name given.

Nonny, only Dan Cooper would know many of the details you have described. I am beginning to think your real name is not Nonny Mouse.

Judge Crater next, with an accompanying explanation for Bridey Murphy.

That's how tax monies should be spent.

Gibby -

Hmm. Ralph Himmelsbach would laugh at the idea that I might be Dan Cooper. There are a lot of folks who know the details. Putting a real person to the details is the catch.

What do you think they (the FBI) would do today:

You're sitting on the tarmac in seattle w/ 36 plus the pilots at gunpoint, you tell 'em 100k and a parachute gets you 6 innocents. (600k is probably less than dan's cash in todays dollars but whatever.)

You think they start sending in sacks of money and parachutes? Think you end up with all 6 and an open runway?

Something tells me they have secret high-tech ways of figuring out precisely where you are in the aircraft and once you are down to just the pilots they'd try to poke at you with a .50

Seattle Times reports that the FBI's "promising lead" is a man who died 10 years ago.


Nonny Mouse:Are we sure it was the O that turned Dan into D.B.? They must have corrected it a million times since, pointing out that it is an error others make.
On TV today I saw the name writen on what I guess was supposed to be a passenger list, and it clearly said "Dan,'' with no possible D.B. confusion. Small issue, but I would like to know.
Anyhow, Jack, if the FBI could prove Cooper died in the cold, thin air, hitting the ground or however, it would make it a perfect record of solving skyjackings and thus discourage new attempts.

Wow. niceoldguy, there are so many other reasons why a DB Cooper action would not work today.... back then you could carry a weapon onto an airplane if you declared (my old man used to get on planes with pistols that he declared)... there were no xrays, bag checks, metal detectors, yadda... after metal detectors started, I accidentally got on a plane with an undetected Swiss Army knife. I knew that Miami would probably be stricter on return so I put in my checked luggage coming back. And in DB's day there were no undercover air marshals on planes.. it's big waste of time and money and resources

Nice Old Guy -

Post Dan Copper, there were two hijacking incidents at PDX.

In both instances, the perpetrator was shot and killed on the plane by a very small, very experienced FBI team firing from outside.

Fify cal is way way to heavy. No need for a Barrett. Think .308 Winchester, hand loads, very heavy slug, and a seriously dialed in 700 Remington which has gone through several very very skilled armorers.

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