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Friday, August 12, 2011

What a drag it is getting old

Darcelle got busted last night.

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Just updated: the charges have been dropped.
The OLCC needs to find someone else to pick on than an 80 year old drag queen.

Well, lets see. Darcelle's establishment allegedly served booze to an under 21 drinker. On the KGW - 8 noon news, CCCCCC appeared to admit the violation.

In anther thread today, numerous posters have been demanding the head and licenses of folks at an airport bar who served an 18 year old.

Seems like a double standard.

Walter Cole gets a pass because he's a self created cartoon character, part of the "keep Portland weird" mentality, but the airport bar servers get the death penalty?

Just asking.

Nonny you are right, but sounds like it was ingested before the reaching airport. And how it was described, didn't sound like it was at a private residence. A lot of people are waiting for the Id.

Nonny - Different charges and different scale. Darcelle was actually charged with interferring with the OLCC staff (a 21 year-old cadet was able to order a drink at Darcelle's, but probably drank no alcohol.) Who knows what went on between the OLCC staff and Walter Cole? The kid - rip roaring drunk/high, pees on a child in a plane. Different offenses, probably different scale.

Geez - Nonny swallow a red (chill pill), OK?

I am going to go on record here as saying the 18 year old drinking age and the American mentality about alcohol and youth is beyond ludicrous. If you are old enough to enlist in the army (or as in my youth be drafted), you are old enough to drink.

Now, the reality is that by making alcohol such a big deal, the kiddies get fixated on it. If it was just part of the scenery, they wouldn't.

When I was growing up in NY state, the drinking age to purchase was 18. However, if you were out to dinner with your parents, they could order drinks and serve you and they could serve you in your own home. Being an Italian-American, I was allowed to drink wine well before I was 16. And there was no big mystery. I did not get hammered 100 days before graduation (local tradition for high schoolers was to party that night and roads were almost always icy and/or snowy). If kids got tastes at young ages and glasses of wine (or beer if that is your family tree) at dinner, it just would not result in such stupidity.

Nonny, you know that 18 yols can sign contracts, are generally emancipated from their parents, and go to war, so why can't they drink?

That wasn't a news article. It was a biased lounge description.

Good Point LucasAdvo. A bit off topic but there are very good studies on how the youth learn to drink. Why some Colleges want to lower the drinking age, city's want to stagger closing times. Years ago I worked at a Disco (blush), it was easy to pick out the private college (religious) students that tried drinking before they came in. Totally not a clue.

dman - My boss asked that I help you out... it's LucsAdvo (short for Lucifer's Advocate in former times known as the devil's advocate but my boss thinks the term devil is demeaning to a deity of his stature).

Sorry for the slip Lucifer's Advocate.

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