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Monday, August 22, 2011

Welcome, t.co readers

Most bloggers like to see where their readers are coming from. Services that allow us to see that are numerous. Lately we've been noticing that we've been getting visits from folks who were referred to this site by "t.co." That was a new one to us, and we Googled around to see who or what it was. Turns out, it's Twitter. Visits that used to be tagged as coming from an unknown link or no link at all are now being identified, correctly, as coming from tweets. Put a bird on it, indeed.

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"co" is relatively new, and it seems to be attractive to businesses that want short web names. What used to be overstock.com, for example, is now "o.co".

Knowing that curiosity killed the cat (and infected the computer) I've long wondered if Jack ever investigated a site I often visit after my perusals here: http://www.xwebforums.org/

No, don't tell me, I'd like to at least pretend I have some dark and exciting street cred.

.co isn't new. It's the official country-code TLD for Colombia, and has existed since 1991.

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