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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The way it's done in Portland

Here's an interesting question: If you rented a beachfront cabin at the coast in June -- nine weeks ago at the most -- would you remember how much a night you paid to stay there? Funny thing -- the City of Portland's transportation director can't recall.

Yeah, and High Heaven just called -- there's a stink. [Via Isaac.]

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Reminds me of The Torch: "oh THAT Mercedes-Benz...It just showed up one day in my driveway with the keys hanging in the door."

It's a sad day in Jersey when a corrupt politician can't enjoy free vacations from a developer buddy.

Contrary to the article, Clatsop County says it is 3 BR 1 BA and 1166 SF, NOT the 450 SF.

Peeeee-yew. I guess getting paid $150k for a job he isn't qualified for isn't enough of a perk.

He'll be working somewhere else in a couple of years -- maybe sooner if his creepy boss gets a decent job offer elsewhere.

Hey, maybe Kroger, Holton or Schrunk will take a look at this -- only kidding.

Malsin said, "I really don't think there's any relationship between my giving him the use of my cabin ... and anything that I ask for on any of my projects." Ha! Of course not! Why would anybody think so!

Hell of a guy, too - only charges friends and family $100/night to stay at his cabin.

Just the tip of the iceberg in this town. Graft and corruption are us, at least with regards to Adams appointees.

Hey electorate, still happy with Mayor Creepy and his scumball friends?

Ethics rules? What ethics rules? I thought those only meant I couldn't take cash!

Is this the guy who thought Amy Ruiz was the best candidate of all for the job of "sustainability advisor"??? Boy, that all seems like a bad dream now.


There's more than one structure on the property. There's the main house and the 450-square-foot cabin that sleeps five to six.


Beth Slovic

Ya know, this kind of stuff is bad enough as it is, but probably it doesn't even merit being called the tip of the iceberg of what all else is going on.

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