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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Super bad

Kevin Durant is playing some mean playground ball on the hard courts in Harlem this summer.

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It's nice to see a young person who reminds me so much of how I played the game.

Is this where I point out that Portland COULD have picked Durant, but picked some guy named "Oden," instead?


K.J. But didn't the Blazers say they had to take Oden.

Legendary performance. Yet, there will be someone in Portland who will blame Coach Nate for Durant not getting 70 points.

As for Oden, I see that Kevin Pritchard's star has plummeted like a comet. He went from being the most wanted GM of every other NBA team in 2008 to the Director of Player Personnel for the Indiana Pacers. Well, when your #1 pick has only played a full season after 4 years in the league (no season injury free btw) and Zach Randolph pulled a Lazarus on his career in Memphis, then others start to view your decisions differently.

The topping on the cake was giving Brandon Roy a deal he can never live up to. Roy is done with no cartilage in his knees. The best Portland can hope for is to play him 5 minutes a game and hope when he is in his mid to late 30s, Roy can pull a Grant Hill and start producing again.

I doubt it.

As for Durant, Westbrook and the Oklahoma Thunder, their future is very bright indeed.

P.S. Batum is overrated. Portland fans always pull out the Don King/Dana White act when it comes to players they like.

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