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Monday, August 15, 2011

Reader poll: Will Adams serve out full term as mayor?

Portland's mayor looked awfully beleaguered and upset last week when the news broke about the FBI raid on the city's parking meter operation. We almost felt sorry for him -- he's in so far over his head. It called to mind our prediction of a few years ago, that he wouldn't finish a full four-year term as mayor. Lately we'd been thinking that maybe he'd prove us wrong about that, but the look on his face on Wednesday brought back our old intuition. What do readers think? Not your preference -- your prediction:

Will Sam Adams serve out his full term as mayor of Portland?
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Comments (25)

He is here to stay until January 2013.

Reason #1: No job prospects. (Although I still think he may land some cushy job at New Seasons as a "thank you" for bowing out of the race.)

Reason #2: He can push through his New Urbanist dreams without any fear of voter backlash. (Which shows that he really does drink density/bikelane/streetcar Kool Aid.)

I think he's out in a heartbeat if a different opportunity opens up. Maybe the executive director of an LGBT nonprofit, or maybe some sort of "transportation policy consultant" with a think-tank. Or probably, in the end, given the revolving door of local government around here, maybe Metro councilor or Multnomah County commissioner.

Not sure he'd want a private-sector job, or that any private-sector company would take him, unless someone owes him a favor or it was some sort of lobbying or government-relations job. He'd do best somewhere where he can think big thoughts and schmooze; the nitty-gritty of managing people and budgets doesn't seem to be his strong suit, given the investigations (as was pointed out earlier) by the feds of the two main agencies under his supervision, PPB and PBOT.

My "yes" vote turns into a "no" vote if he manages to finds another job that pays just as much or more. I mean what else is this guy going to do? In the end he will probably land at some uber-liberal policy oriented non-profit in the Bay Area or something along those lines. Let's just hope it doesn't involve mentoring teenage males.

I still think he would be most content not to have public eyes on him, move to another out of the way place and open up a bike shop. Sooner than later would be best for our city, closing down this council except for emergencies would be best for our city until we can get people in there to make rational decisions and for the public good.

Spotlight Sam would shrivel like a daisy in the desert if the public took its eyes off of him.

His dream job would be to turn his position as honorary chair of the Q Center into a paying gig where he can tweet all day and show up at street fairs on the weekends, with the cameras clicking at every turn.

Here's his beleaguered look ...

Garage Wine, are you sure that's "beleaguered"? It looks more "constipated" and possible "attention addiction withdrawal" to me.

I would think that Randy wouldn't like running the city out in the open, if his front man resigned early.

Oh, he'll stay until he's literally dragged out of his office, crying like Jim Bakker. After all, if he's no longer mayor, the Twitter account gets taken back, he doesn't get any more "Portlandia" cameos, and he'll go into withdrawal withouth the incessant sycophantic phone calls from the "Oregonian" editorial department. Considering his career and his prospects, what else does he have, other than a job as a Drew Carey stunt double?

I'm genuinely interested in seeing where he ends up. I don't think he should be Mayor, or any position of near that authority, but I don't wish failure upon him. Possibly moving to another city for a consulting job would work out the best.

Maybe he and Hales can switch places. (Hope not)

"Zip up your pants, Mr. Mayor. I see a cop."

Oh the chickens have come home.

Yesterday I spoke with someone about Portland corruption and the response was sort of oh, you think Portland hasn't always been so? So, I guessed she'd read the recent books on Portland's crime from the post- war years.

But, these current people, occupying the moral high ground and enjoying enthusiastic activist support - they are a different animal.

Those old Portland crooks wore fedoras, carried saps, guns, and political machine titles.

These current people pose on bikes beside LGBT mothers with infants and smile broadly for the camera. It works. It'll keep working until every last nickel in the coffer is borrowed 3 times over.

From the very beginning, I've always considered Mr. Adams to be so far outside anything I could ever imagine as a representative political figure that any comment I could make at all would be superfluous, and tantamount to piling on.

That he hasn't quit yet makes it likely he won't.

Can anyone tell me the last time this guy made a good decision? I need to know that before making any predictions.
I think he's up the creek without a paddle. 1. If he has any sense at all (which is a big 'if'), he's scared witless that the Feds are looking into two bureaux he's in charge of. 2. No one in their right mind anywhere near Portland will hire him. 3. He has no connections outside Portland. and 4. Even if he somehow connects with an unaware prospective employer outside Portland (the trips to Brazil and Spain come to mind), can you imagine the news that employer would unearth by googling his name?
Which means he has to complete his term -- he has no other source of income.
Sometime in the next 17 months he and the council will push through a deal with a local developer with enough strings attached to guarantee him a consulting gig for two or three years, after which he'll quietly relocate.

"Reason #1: No job prospects."

Don't bet on it. There's a $150K/yr job at PSU for him and Amy Ruiz. They'll take any mutt that rolls over for stupid ideas.

Actually, he can probably get a job at a solar panel maker like the N Portland guy or ReVolt.

Then again, maybe not:


It's the secret-that's-not-a-secret that Sam has been nosing around for some type of job in D.C. for a number of months now. If he gets one, he'll go.

As to how he is looking, he is gaining substantial weight, a double-chin, and an increasingly disheveled appearance. His speech has become even more disconnected that ever. All these suggest that he is a rather unhappy guy.

Unfortunately, Stupid is not illegal and immoral is qualifications for office.

Bike Lobbyist in D.C.?
That explains the excessive agenda on bikes here then,
and our money being used to pump up his resume.

I find it fascinating what three years of incompetence has done, in a physical sense.

Here's a Google-cache photo from 2007: http://www.portlandmercury.com/binary/4fe3/news1-160.jpg

That incompetence has taken its toll in a physical sense for the Mayor
and for our city as well.

Serious Sam is serious.

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