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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Portland police captain may have flashed gun in road rage

Here's another disturbing, but no longer surprising, story about off-duty Portland police acting up while behind the wheel -- the third in about a month. Police in Washington State say Captain Todd Wyatt, head of the Portland traffic division, may have brandished a pistol in an altercation with another driver on I-90 in Post Falls, Idaho two weekends ago. Wyatt and his wife were pulled over after their truck crossed the nearby border into Washington State, but the matter is being investigated by Idaho state police.

Wyatt has been removed from his command and reassigned to the drugs and vice division pending resolution of the case. Let's hope the Idaho troopers, like the sheriff's deputies in Tillamook County, treat everyone the same, and don't let this one slide because it turns out to be one of their own.

Road rage is, of course, a familiar Portland police pastime.

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Bad cops, no voodoo donuts ever for the CoP PoPo

"Wyatt is the fifth bureau employee to face serious driving-related charges in the past nine months. Four other officers have been cited for off-duty driving while intoxicated incidents.

The bureau declined comment Tuesday afternoon on the incident."

But the union must be busting a gut trying to figure out how to support these miscreants.

So few PPB live in Portland, maybe they should consider a vacation here instead. Apparently, it's the only place where it's safe for them to travel.

Also Portland's highest paid officer I believe.

Highest salaried traffic officer x massive court overtime = w/ benefits about 160 a year.

I think the chief makes 150.

And it ain't just him, the whole PPB traffic division garage is full of Maseratis, Hummers, and other cars cops shouldn't drive. Rest of the force? Pick-up trucks.


Well at least the feds won't have to worry about the state lines. If they care to do something.

So drive with your pants down Creepy thinks that to "educate and train officers of the Police Bureau’s code of conduct" is what is needed?


Then a facepalm.

Obviously, this is an outcome from job related stress. Had officer Todd been given more overtime and more taxpayer-paid benefits, this would not have happened. Let's all support our folks in blue as they are our last defense against terrorism and social/civil unraveling. Officer Todd is just a good o'l boy havin a little laugh...

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