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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Portland cops now national poster children for brutality

A reputation well deserved.

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Excellent reporting...now how do the citizens of Portland get rid of all the bad apples in the barrel, including Mayor Creepy?!
It would seem the barrel has nothing in it but rotten fruit.

There are many smart and decent people in local government. Unfortunately, not many in the top echelons.

"The good officers know who the bad officers are. Everybody knows who the bad officers are."

Portland's Police Association said "We handle...often explosive situations fraught with risk, with professionalism and compassion."

Like killing the unarmed?

Another one dies in custody:


Everybody knows who the bad officers are...

Everybody knows who the bad officers are... yet put Chris Humphreys on paid leave for holding down a 12-year-old girl and blasting her with a shotgun beanbag... and hundreds will rally on city hall.

Girl deserved it and my guess that that "child" could've whipped any two of the men posting on this blog.

Everything will be fine. Landru will tell us what to do...


Bulls**t, LL. 12-year old girl did not "deserve it". Shooting a pre-teen from 3 feet away from ANY sort of gun is unacceptable.

I'm no apologist for her - she's an out of control kid. And she's big. But if you're telling me that 3 male cops, supposedly well-trained, can't handle a 12-year old without resorting to discharging a weapon from point-blank range, I ain't buying it.


Sad thing is that compared to other departments I find PPB to be best-of-breed.

They're the highest paid in the state and attract the most talent.

They have an unfortunate habit of killing people, but they tend to not be "thumpers".

For instance in Clackamas County they might not shoot you as often but they will KICK YOUR ASS at the drop of a hat. Not to say that there's not some knee-dropping dirtbags on PPB, but get outside of the county line and you will find some guys who take enormous pride in their ability to whomp. And that's the every-day stuff that doesn't make the news - but happens all the damn time.

I also call bull on "LL" comment. The young girl was hit upside the head before she struck back. Just what the thugs were looking for. And the use of a firearm bag at close rage is beyond the pale.
Police are not the judge and jury!

The PoPo aren't quite as bad as the Chicago pigs of the 70s. The standard arrest I witnessed on all people of color or without means as.... cuff 'em, hit them in the back of the knees with the baton (they'd fall and then be "resisting arrest) and wail on them a bit and then load 'em into the paddy wagon. But in the 70s I did have a PoPo threaten to arrest me for exercising my freedom of speech in their direction while they were engaging in questionable behavior. Of course, the minute you tell them that you'd like the money from a false arrest (and I mentioned a recent 6 figure settlement) the 70s PoPo would shut up and move on. The latest batch seems far more thuggish.

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