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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New chief lawyer for Tri-Met

It's Jana Toran, 50-ish, a hard-charging litigator with a reputation among some opposing lawyers of playing rough. That may be a good trait in courtroom battle, but now she'll be running the entire legal department of a transit agency, which requires a different set of skills. What's more, Tri-Met's a scary client to have these days, as it teeters toward bankruptcy with the tea party turning off the D.C. money spigot. We wish Toran luck as she takes on her new role. She's going to need it.

At last report, Toran's old salary was north of $162,000. The guy she's replacing, Brian Playfair, was getting paid more than $192,000. Go by streetcar, people.

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Toran the Warrior

Hey maybe she can sue the feds for de-funding the $750 for Milwaukie Light Rail?

Tri-Met had a chief lawyer named Brian Playfair? You can't make this stuff up.

Brian Playfair was an outstanding individual. He had a head on his shoulders and had been with Tri-Met for many years before the light rail frenzy. He is a good man.

I've respected Toran, but have not seen her in years. Her dad was also a lawyer, long ago, one of the few African American lawyers in this city.

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