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Monday, August 1, 2011

Let's draft somebody good for Portland mayor

With the mayor of Portland not running for re-election, we're left with just three or four candidates for mayor, none of whom are too promising, or interesting. There's still time -- why can't we get some better blood into the race? Folks like:

Bob Miller
One of the McMenamin brothers
Ted Wheeler
Dwight Holton
Dave Lister
Maxine Bernstein
Tom Potter
Sho Dozono
Ron Tonkin
Kate Brown
Victoria Taft
Lew Frederick
Carrie Brownstein
Al Margulies
Greg Oden
Dennis Kucinich

Whaddya say, Portland?

Comments (54)

My quick pick- Ron Tonquin

The worst on the list-Kate Brown

How about Rick Emerson?

How about ...

David from Welches

We'd have to get him to move, but at least he'd have a job for a while and wouldn't need that ride back to Welches. Besides, no way he can be worse than Sam was.

If you don't like that idea, then how about my dead potted plant? There are times when doing nothing is just what the doctor ordered. Of course you'll need to enlist my plant fast, he's being recruited to run for POTUS.

Ask either McMenamin about their profit sharing program. Wait ten minutes until they are done. Ask them when last they actually paid profit sharing benefits. Why am I being snarky they would be perfect to run this town. Idiots.

Another vote for Ron Tonkin..
Resons why:

1. Would finally direct some City money
back to East Portland after decades of
2. Can actually read a balance sheet and
a budget.
3. Would likely appoint numerous City
Department heads that are actually
qualified to do the job.
4. Would also likely place some actual
emphasis on fixing and upgrading City
streets; and tell "Steetcar Earl and
Charlie Hayes" to take a hike...

"Whaddya say, Portland?"

When Vera left, I said "Thank God."

When Potter left, I said "Thank GOd."

Now that Adams is leaving, I don't know what to say.

Portland voters are pretty dumb, so they'll get distracted by progressive bonafides and we'll be right back where we were.

Surprised to see Oden on your draft list, you know how well THAT works out.

Didn't you forget :

Jack Bogdanski?

I don't know anything about the political leanings of Sho Dozono or Ron Tonkin, but it seems that it would be difficult to be a successful businessman long-term if you make decisions through wishful thinking and emotion rather than looking at cold hard facts and actual real dollars.

Why not Fred Armisten? I mean, you have legions of idiots who already think Portlandia is a documentary (and who don't realize that they're supposed to be laughing and pointing), so he'd be perfect as a King Log to Sam's King Stork.

The best candidate is Gert Boyle from Columbia Sportsware.

You're right, we need somebody else, but please, somebody adult and competent.

Tonkin is way old, and I believe now lives in Palm Springs.

Gertie Boyle is way old too, and last reports lived in West Linn.

Oden probably lives in the 'burbs, when he's actually here that is.

I wonder why Sho is being so quiet this time around.

Maybe you, Jack. I second the notion.

How about Chris Dudley?

Sure, he has the same residency issues as Streetcar Charlie, and neither of them can make free throws, but at least we'd be able to pick him out of the crowd.

Mr. Dozono would be an excellent candidate, but it would take a lot of folks to drag him, kicking and screaming, anywhere near City Hall after the first assault on him.

(Carl B. -- Sure, if Riley is his communications liaison.)

How about a Republican who wants to get people back to work and will not longer baby the schools like the liberals have done forever?how about someone who is car friendly and wont push bike and transit on us no more and someone with very good people friendly skills unlike Randy. Leonard.

I nominate Channing Frye.

First get rid of the commission form of government.

J. Isaac

McMenamins forever! They know how to run a big shop, know how to handle money, know a lot of people, and embody what is best about Portland.

How about a Republican who will tap our phones, appoint idiots to office, spend money like a drunken sailor and after creating a huge mess put the blame on the people who clean it up. Or we could settle for a moderate who might actually get something done besides creating bike lanes or renaming streets.

How about a Republican who will tap our phones, appoint idiots to office, spend money like a drunken sailor and after creating a huge mess put the blame on the people who clean it up.

Dear me.

Such an immoderate comment to preface a desire for a moderate.

I guess moderates are where you find them.

Oh, and as far as appointing idiots to office, spending "issues" and creating messes, the current regime seems to do that quite handily - despite their "D" affiliation. Tapping phones is Randy's department, isn't it?

As long as people can't look past the labels, moderation just ain't in the cards.

J. Isaac. I second such a motion.

"... the political leanings of Sho Dozono or Ron Tonkin." They both lick Lars Larson's microphone and Larson adores them bowing to him. 'Nuff said.

~ Dwight D. Eisenhower ~

The prospect of domination of the nation's scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present -- and is gravely to be regarded. ... [B]e alert to the ... danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence .... The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

Portland civic disaster is in the City careerist clique(s).
~ William F. Buckley, Jr. ~ The largest cultural menace in America is the conformity of the intellectual cliques which, in education as well as the arts, are out to impose upon the nation ....

[Rather better] ... live in a society governed by the first two thousand names in the ... telephone directory than in a society governed by the two thousand faculty members of ... University.

I repeat, PROPOSED: that we reinstitute The Draft, like jury duty, and require 2 years minimum civil service of everyone, being Mayor, or Governor, or Judge, or Senator, or Representative, or President, or DMV clerk, or the one holding the 'Stop / Slow' on the highway construction project, or cop, or fireman, or any one and EVERYone of public-paid positions in local state national and international (U.N.) bureaucracy -- each person assigned in trial (2-yr temporary) position, (with 'career' options for those of natural talent and predilection to stay on the job), public-paid.

Break down the barriers to publicpolitics. Break up the insider clique(s).

EVERYone summonsed for at least one tour of civic duty between age 16 and 40, and screened for fit aptitude and assignment, kind of like counsellors screen the 'huddled masses' for jury duty, or not. And whoever fails to qualify of any ability for any worthwhile assignment can 'fall out the bottom' and therefor into the 'military' default service to stack sandbags against floodwaters, pick farm crops in season, or other manual labor (without guns).

Can you well imagine Larson driving garbage truck or sorting recycling for two years ... or delivering meals on wheels ....

Draft (conscript) every citizen for some term to occupy every public-paid position in American society, high or low.

Pick ten names out of the Portland phonebook (What's a "phonebook" ...?) for Mayor, and let them debate in public. At least one would do just as well as any 'professional politician' or Scientific-Technological Elite in the know on the City scene. And that one, seen in debates, would likely be obvious.

Bring back Bud Clark and here's why:


"Upon taking office in 1985, Clark found that the previous mayor had reduced the city's reserves of $27 million down to a few thousand dollars. Firefighters and police had just received a 10% wage increase, which meant the budget had to be redone in his first months in office."

"Managing the city resources with the Portland City Council, Portland had $20 million in reserves at the end of his second term and earned an award from the AMBAC Corporation as the best managed city of its size in the United States. Clark retired from public life and resumed his career as a tavern owner"

And he'd make the Keep Portland Weird crowd happy while actually providing fiscal responsibility.

Re-elect Fred Armisen

I think we should have a Ballot measure to get rid of the "Commission" and Vote for a Strong Candidate
Dave Lister
Sho Dozono

Ron Buel might be interesting. He is opposed to the Columbia River Bridge project, started Willamette Week, and (I think) has completely distanced himself from the Goldschmidt clan.


Lars Larsen.

He has the local name recognition AND the national audience to attract a wide range of fundraising and attention on this very local race.

And I believe his houseboat is still located within Portland city limits...

Lars is too busy being a demagogue on the radio to actually take a stab at fixing stuff. It's the same reason why you'll never see Rush Limbaugh ever run for something... well, besides being Grade-A unelectable due to a love of opiates: they aren't in the business of solving problems, they are in the business of exploiting problems to sell advertising on the radio at the highest possible market rate.

Any "On-Air" personality that tells you differently is lying to you.

I would cheerfully support Tom Potter or Ted Wheeler for the position; they both possess the basic qualification of being intelligent enough not to want the job.

Lets be sure to NOT elect anyone so gullible as to have fallen for the global warming scam.

Or the peak oil scam.

We should have learned our lesson when Germany was lead by someone who fell for the, then popular, eugenics scam. And Russia let millions starve because of the Lysenko scam.


Say the words out loud and let the sweet brilliance drift like a beautiful mist over the Willamette. Okay? Ready?...... Mayor Tenkswatawa.

Same goes for smart growth, new urbanism, sustainability, compact cities, clusters, streetcars, light rail and ant-sprawl.


I pledge $ for Jack to run.

Maybe if 999 other people do the same he can't refuse.

Whar LucsAdvo said.

Alas, I believe Bud is liking being retired and out of the limelight. Too bad. He's exactly what we need.

Say the words out loud and let the sweet brilliance drift like a beautiful mist over the Willamette. Okay? Ready?...... Mayor Tenkswatawa.

Technically, Bill, beautiful or otherwise, I don't think that's mist.

I worked on a project once with the Mcmenamin Bros. , and they were pleasant , thoughtful , imaginative AND budget - conscious. In short just what we need in a Mayor. You got my vote Mike / Brian !
+ they could spice up City Hall...

Dude(s), Bud is like 80-something and going on about 150. Plus, he's got a cushy gig sweeping the sidewalks and puttering around the Goose and the 'Hof.

Many years ago I partied in various taverns with a large friendly man who wore Hawaiian shirts. His name was Wilbur and he is still honored on the McMenamin's Menu: "Wilbur’s Jumbo Deluxe Burger bacon, Tillamook cheddar cheese, & a fried egg."

The taverns we drank at included Yosemete Sam's and the Ivory I, and a place on Hawthorne that was at one time called the Fat Little Rooster.

I believe he also knew someone from school who lived down the block from me in Arabia if that jars anyone's memory: One of the Jones boys.

I mentioned to a bartender back then that Wilbur seemed to be on the McMenamin's fast track from the days when he was slumming around with us, and I was told he "drank his way to the top."

So if he's still around, I nominate Wilbur. The campaign slogan could be, "A fried egg on every cheeseburger."

There is only one serious candidate who could actually get the job done. JACK BOGDANSKI himself!

How about. Kermit the. Frog from the Muppet s?I'm. Sure he could do better than Sam Adams

How about Randy Gragg. Gag.

I suggest any person with previous elected experience be ruled out for the job....

How about Rosie Sizer? She'd do something for the crime at least, and she wouldn't be so dazzled by the developer clatch / West Hills money set or streetcar mafia either. She seems pretty down to business and says it like it is...

Larry Miller, president of the Trail Blazers, seems like a pretty thoughtful guy. And, if the City goes bankrupt, maybe he can get a loan from Paul Allen.


Um...you mis-spelled "LIARS". Just sayin'.


Lars lives in Vancouver.


I doubt that Mr. Bog wants the pay cut (or the head-games).

I suggest the Bill McDonald could do better than most of the clowns that have been in City Hall, and it's a job that comes with benefits: an inside track on some very sellable jokes.

I would vote for Bill McDonald. But that's probably the kiss of death.

OK. Since Jack doesn't want to do any civic duty, I say Bill McDonald would be great.... funny thing is one of the older fiscally conservative ladies in my neighborhood has asked me why I wouldn't consider running... bwahahahahahah.... even on my best days, I can be polarizing..... maybe not as bad as some others who frequent this blog of iniquity. And with the frustration level and public appearances and stuff it would be tantamount to a pay cut for me. I also don't like public speaking much...

I am willing to run for mayor under one condition: If elected, I will not be required to attend any meetings, and that includes the inauguration. I believe meetings take little pieces of your soul that you don't get back.
Oh, and I wouldn't actually go to city hall unless I was "really feeling it" that day. Thanks.
Other than that, I am ready to serve.

Good, Bill. Your constituents have nicely set their expectation gauges as low as the law allows. Let's do this.
Mayor McDonald. Has a kind of a nice pulse to it.

Maybe a good idea would be to incorporate the 'buddy system' in your official duties. I'm thinking Bud Clark, mayor emeritus, might volunteer as your wingman ...
on days when you're not really feeling it.


Forget Bud Clark. I found the poster where he exposed himself to art to be creepy. We don't need more creepiness right now.

Instead, I'd be honored if you would serve as the Randy to my Sam.

I'm also rethinking my position on the inauguration. I believe with the right amount of peyote, I would be able to attend after all. In fact, schedule the ceremony for 11 hours give or take. They want visions for this city? I can do that.

I thought Bill had a sense of humor. Now I wonder. The poster (that an ex of mine funded the first printing of) was nothing but silly and a comment on a piece of art that at the time was considered a bit controversial for a brand new bus mall.

Here's someone who might be able to win and I'm certain could do a great job.

Gorgeous man, gay, short, mod, sleek, slender, dresses BEAUTIFULLY(ie meets gay criteria, which is no small problem to solve, in Portland). I ran into him during the Adams recall and he stated emphatically "He lied! He should resign!" One of the many people who gave me strength to face the screeching hordes or Adams defenders.

Amazing mind, a calculating hawk of a brain. Might have been a CPA in a former life. Is or was financial chief for Portland Public Schools Foundation.
EMINENTLY likeable.

I SWOON over Dan Ryan.


Problem is he's maybe too conservative for Portland's mosh pit of voters. And of course, is probably way too smart to run.

Jack Bogdanski for mayor !!!!

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