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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm walkin' here!

We stumbled across this sign the other day on the City of Portland website:

Wonder where it's going to be posted. And at whom is the message aimed -- cyclists? Bucket drummers? Panhandlers?

The city code section cited at the bottom is relatively new, having been adopted just last year. It's here. It's much more specific than the old rules, which we looked at several summers back when we were examining the many news boxes that clutter up the inner city's sidewalks. Perhaps we should take another look at that practice in the light of the new rules.

Comments (18)

Sidewalk cafe tables and chairs are the likely intended target, along with trash dumpsters on non-collection days.

All of those silhouettes look pretty Anglo. Where’s the diversity?

I'm guessing that it's aimed at panhandlers, particularly panhandlers with dogs - note the specific description of how dogs must be controlled.

According to the mayor's office, its a veritable Rainbow Coalition.

The first figure is a white father and Gulf War vet pushing his adopted Guatemalan daughter in the stroller.

The second figure is a Japanese American who was interned during WWII.

The third figure is an African American woman who is now running for county DA.

The fourth figure is a Jewish man who develop MS. He is a former "hippie" who wears his hair in a bun to keep his neck cool. He cannot hold down a job, but manages to do OK by being a medical marijuana grower.

Don Draper is the last guy.

We need a LOT more of those signs that read BICYCLISTS: Pedestrians have the right of way. Slow down and signal audibly to pedestrians ahead. Do not pass until safe to do so. Pass and proceed at WALKING SPEED (3 MPH or slower.)

A click to the glass of Garage Wine!

What the hell's a "block face?"

And good one Garage Wine.

Pedestrian movement? Would that be referring to areas with Randy's loos?

Just noticed that the third person in the image seems to be texting while walking which means she will probably stride into the wheelchair-bound gentleman. Naughty, naughty city graphic designers!

We need a LOT more of those signs that read BICYCLISTS: Pedestrians have the right of way.

Most areas of downtown its illegal for cyclists to be on the sidewalk in the first place. Lets start by enforcing that.

dg:What the hell's a "block face?"...

This might be an incremental step to having people get used
to Block this or that.

What next?
Block Captain to police the rest?

If Block Captain pays as much as Fare Inspector I would like to throw my hat into the ring.

John Rettig has it right. Or at least, that's the typical intention of enforcing this code.

"The first figure is a white father and Gulf War vet pushing his adopted Guatemalan daughter in the stroller."

Don't be silly. It's one half of a middle-aged, inner-east-side white couple pushing one of their adopted Chinese daughters.

It's basically a measure used to clear the sidewalks of undesirable people (those without cash to spend in downtown retail establishments) and anyone wishing to express their First Amendment rights (unless, of course, they purchase a city permit).

The original intent was to keep the sidewalks clear of obstructions such as deliveries, newspaper boxes and cafe tables, etc.

The Portland City Council has stretched the purpose way beyond reason and the rule will be found unconstitutional on its face if anyone with a decent lawyer decides to challenge it in court.

How many have they made, and a what cost?

It's for a Portlandia episode, right?

I think Mister Tee let the cat out of the bag.

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