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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Haven't had enough Fireman Randy?

Here's another ex-fireman, ex-union boss who wants to take over the reins at Portland City Hall. Wouldn't that be special?

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Ugh, please no. Another dullard hothead is not what we need.

"I really think the issue of jobs has to be from someone who has either created jobs, or represented workers, or worked on an agenda to create jobs. I don't know if the other two candidates have done that."

Ummmm...doesn't New Seasons have lots of employees? I don't think running a union has anything to do with job creation, and some might argue that unions actually impede the creation of jobs in certain circumstance. Somewhat of an off the mark comment if you ask me.

Government employees, union members and Democrat politicians use the words "workers" and "the working people" to describe themselves.

They are not speaking to anyone who works in the private sector.

They are now the privileged and protected class.

A Unionista giving more of Portland's largess (there is a surplus of that, right?) to his Union friends, not that there's anything wrong with that...

Plenty more where that came from. Just remember to scribble an IOU for the Mayor after the Mayor who replaces you to pay off to the retirees. Kick the can down the road.

Keep Portland Stupid. Elect this guy.

Favorite "without shame" comment nomination of the year. re: Hales:

"We've got some concerns about some of the [recent] comments he's made" about staffing at the bureau, Forquer says. "It seems he's a little bit of a loose cannon."

Hello, pot calling kettle on line 3 . . .

What a bunch of monkeys calling shots in this town. My apologies in advance to all simians.

It's been a little chilly for this time of year, but I don't believe that Hell itself has frozen over just yet. Even were that to happen, he's not going to get my vote.

Sorry, touchpad error.

I think it is interesting that he wants to develop part of Hayden Island for the Port. I wonder if anyone has considered what the impact will be when the newly widened Panama Canal is ready and operational?

Cripes on a crusty crutch..... why does every tool in the shed want to be a politician in PDX town?

"why does every tool in the shed want to be a politician in PDX town?"

Because we pay our elected officials more than $100k per year and most of these people don't have anything else to do.

Seems all these firemen like to do things in emergency mode. Look at all the "emergency" sessions Leonard has set up so that no one can comment or object to spending more money for his pals.

The last thing Portland needs is more union thugs running our city.

I always look for the union label...

Then vote for some other candidate...

Didn't know we had so many Wisconsin types on here. What is the evidence Tom is a "union thug?" I have lost touch with PDX politics, but I suspect that with Hales in the race, he is at least the second best of the three leading candidates.


Just the quote says everything.
"I can make jobs happen!" Really? How? Because you know a lot of firefighters? Because you MIGHT be able to read a balance sheet?

Where do these people COME from?

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