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Friday, August 12, 2011

Have a great weekend

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Just love that one.

Who would have thought that a bunch of Canadians (plus one Arkansan) could create such quintessentially American music?

Adding the Staples Singers to The Weight was someone's stroke of genius. Pops and Mavis contribute to make this, what I think, is the best version of this tune that ever was.

Thanks for posting this.

It helps to have Martin Scorsese as your roommate, as Robbie Robertson did at this time.

Scorsese knocked it out of the park with this film. I was on the bum in rural Maine and the locals drug me to a Podunk movie house.

Robertson looks deadly, Helm a giant, the Staples singers a revelation, Danko, ah Danko.

Just a great version and a great movie.

Helm's health shocked me when I saw him at the Zoo last year, but boy he was having fun. Bless em all bless em all...

Scorsese's Stones film was much less successful - old guys just looked kinda ludicrous.

When Van the Man killed at The Last Waltz, wow. Just wow.

Tim, I heard Gordon Lightfoot in an interview a few years ago questioned about his roots in Canadian music. He said he didn't see any difference between Canadian and US music, that it's all just North American music, all influenced by the same things.

I thought it was great in "The Last Waltz" when Eric Clapton goes to do his solo and the guitar strap comes off, and the Band jumps right in to cover for him.

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