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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Goo day sunshine

Something orange and oily has washed ashore, and rained down from the sky, in northwest Alaska.

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Forget it, Jack, it's just Alaska -- a vast region where many unusual events occur daily. For instance, a week ago a rare mid-air collision took four lives just three weeks after another "rare mid-air" left 13 aboard both planes unhurt:

Meanwhile, in Cincinnati:
"A North College Hill High School graduate attending college preparatory classes at the University of Cincinnati died Saturday after a campus police officer used a Taser on him."

The University of Cincinnati police force would like it to be believed that the use of tasers is a rare event:
"The 56-officer department uses Tasers five or six times a year, Corcoran said."

All references to the races of the individuals involved have been avoided in this account, which is not unusual.

Concentrated Orange Crush being shipped from China to Denver for the next football season fell off the container ship.

Eggs, but the species and toxicity remain to be known:

2012 could be a bad season for "The Deadliest Catch."

Still not known, though known not to be unnatural:

"'So this is natural. It is not chemical pollution; it is not a man-made substance,'" Rice said.

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