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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gatsby's new spread

Sources tell us that Sen. Ron Wyden (R-N.Y.), who sold his condo near Washington Park in May for $285,000, has picked up this little beauty of a house in Eastmoreland for a cool $935,000 ($50,000 under asking price), with $417,000 borrowed. It's apparently a new house on a lot where an older house once stood.

It would be interesting to find a neighbor who'd be willing to tell us how often Wyden -- or anyone -- actually sets foot in the place. It will no doubt still have new house smell when the next owners get it. Gatsby's already got more than $300,000 in the bank for his next run for re-election five years from now. He'll be 67.

Comments (7)

Interesting, a guy from San Francisco sells to a couple from NY.

What are the odds his second family of kids will collect SS survivor benefits to help pay for the family homestead out west?

What? he couldn't find something on the west side of the ditch?
He will have to cross the Willamette to get to his big money Oregon supporters.

Sen Ron Wyden is a a democRAT from Oregone....

If he wanted to donate half a million dollars to charity then I think we could have suggested an alternative recipient.

When Wyden buys a new car, presumably more expensive than a Ford Focus, may we expect details about his elitist taste?

When he starts voting from his car, we'll write about his car.

Although he does probably spend more time in his car than he does in Oregon.

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