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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gatsby twists himself into a pretzel

Sen. Ron Wyden says he isn't a sellout -- he's a "pragmatist." Like Saint Mark Hatfield.

On health care, on taxes, and lately on the environment, Wyden's quite the pragmatist. Which is why New York Republicans are so lucky to have him in Congress.

The quaint town hall meetings are a warm touch.

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YUCK! Talk about simpering...and talking down to his constituents. I guess we yokels in Or-y-gun can't understand the really hard and difficult work the Rethug Senator from NY does for us.
I am surprised he wasn't wearing a silk ascot to cover up his turkey neck!

Wyden says he is not a 'sell-out', an unprincipled sockpuppet.

Of course, having sold out his conscience he has to say anything he's told to say. Senator Sell-out better get out while the getting is good ... and don't come back.
He's not a 'sell-out', no; he is only a shame on his heritage.

Hey Senator Ron , if you need some coaching , you can start with Schumer backing down the Feds , why do we give you seniority if you won't save our beloved Bull Run Water.
And then get yourself all of Bernie Sanders speeches and read them out loud in a mirror until you get it. Get a spine man , we are hurting out here in OR.

Oh sorry , one more thing Sen. Ron , I forgot to mention that you should be leading the fight to get rid of that Criminal Justice Thomas. Demand that the Justice Dept draw up charges for the many times Thomas and his wifey have clearly broken laws.
Back in the day , Senators with seniority threw their weight around for Justice.
[ see - Ted Kennedy]

Or we could replace him ?

He doesn't care about our water because he doesn't live here.
He doesn't care about the benzene in our air because he doesn't live here.
He doesn't care...

Is it that some people of privilege have a mind set that they can buy their way out, expensive homes filters, bottled waters?

Nice face lift Ron - who did the work?

Sometimes Sen Wyden still looks out for the little guy. I'm a tree farmer (just 37 acres) and I'm that little guy. Meanwhile my tree farm is up for sale.I've fought the US FOrest Service/EPA and won in the past. But I can't fight the EPA by myself any longer. Thank you Sen. Wyden and Gov. Kitzhaber for taking a stand.

Glad you found help.
We citizens of Portland need Senator Wyden to help save our Bull Run drinking water.
Rates will increase 85% in five years and toxic chemicals will be added by a one size rule fits all/EPA LT2. We don't have the problem that caused this rule so need an exemption, a Waiver. NY Senator Schumer helped that community, but I guess we are getting the run around, being told that it is up to our city, then city commissioner saying it is up to the Senators now.

Does the "run around work" so that in the end if the dirty deed is done to our community, no one will have to be responsible, they can all claim it was not their responsibility?

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