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Saturday, August 20, 2011

From Japan, more disturbing images

We'd seen a lot of tsunami footage before, but not this view, from inside a car. Meanwhile, a photographer crept into the triple-meltdown site at Fukushima and took some unauthorized photos that are not uplifting, to say the least.

The latest reports say that the earthquake probably would have caused meltdowns even without the tsunami that followed. Something to think about when we're told that it can't happen here in the United States.

Comments (1)

The view inside the car is incredible. I'm surprised we haven't seen it yet.

If we saw this in a movie we would think is just to over the top to be believable, therefor we believe it when we are told such silly things cant happen here. Just to over the top, no need to engineer for it.

All fixed? No. The evacuation Jack pointed out last week at Hanford? A part did not meet engineering specifications. At least they are now testing some of it before its used.
It's along the lines of Planes being designed to fly for 40k cycles and after 20k cycles, outer skin panels start to fall off. Oops.

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