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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

For Timothy Lake, would you believe a floating loo?

Make up your own joke.

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In other words, someone got tired of snagging the wrong kind of brown trout.

Lake Billy Chinook in central Oregon has one of those floating portable HoneyPots. It's good for the boaters, but it doesn't look like it cost more than $1,000 including the floating dock. No need to spend over $100,000.

Randy wanted to have a boat. Randy has loos. Next Randy's going to want a boat-loo. Think he can bill it to the Water Bureau?

The big problem here is that the Marine Board, comprised of people who own motorboats, has total control over gas taxes collected from boaters. They care more about the opinions of boaters too lazy to get out of their boats than for the environment.

Floaters stink.

A waste of money? Perhaps.

My son was canoeing recently for a scouting camp-out. He had to tie up his boat and head into the woods to do his business. He used a pine cone for cleanup, so a floating loo would be nice.

But still seems a bit wacky!

"$1,000 in kind donation" that means that the contractor with the $131,000 winning bid knocked a thousand bucks off and tossed it in as a freebie


This seems to be a better use of funds than the fish cleaning station that was built last year at Prineville Reservoir. The thing looks like the Timberline lodge of fish cleaning stations. I am guessing the cleaning station alone was built at a cost of $250k+. And it was shut down for "the season" when we camped there for a week at the end of July. It has a special fish gut collection tank that is obviously not working.

Heaven forbid that federal dollars are spent to upgrade the constantly running high water volume toilets or repair the showers that were closed down for two days due to drainage issues. But boy is the amphitheater nice as well as the fishing pier and the new horse shoe pit.

Tillamook Bay has one. Complete with its own viewpoint right off of U.S. 101, just south of Garibaldi.

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