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Monday, August 8, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: small hole in street

Portland's daily newspaper is really funny sometimes.

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This could actually be a lot more serious than you are implying:


Never mind the basics here in pdx.
Officials like to throw money down the money hole.

How much deferred maintenance are we dealing with and just how serious is it when officials don't take care of basics?

Whaddya mean? The parks bureau is actually borrowing money for basic maintenance these days. All is well.

How much are we in for on just the borrowing for basics?

A street with no tracks? Who ordered that?

Isaac, that is how they will repair the street. It obviously needs streetcar tracks.

One might find the irony that there used to be streetcar tracks on Hawthorne, and that might be the reason for this particular pot hole.

The solution is the cause!

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