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Saturday, August 6, 2011

And the bridge, it shines

They're celebrating Portland's bridges today with a picnic on the Hawthorne Bridge. With all due respect, our wonderful spans can't hold a candle to this.

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It has bike lanes!

Some of us call the Portland Water Bridge the Willamette River. By the time Sam and Randy get done tunneling and paving under it, the river will resemble the one in Germany.

In Portland, they'd close off half the waterway to boats and put in swim lanes paid out of sewer fees.

Normally, the Picnic on the Bridge is a charming idea, but what Mayor would allow a second bridge to be closed with all of the construction on Grand and MLK adding to the mess? Of course it would be the one who could care less about people in cars or businesses downtown.

I didn't know about the event until it was too late and I was hopelessly trapped n the wrong lane. I couldn't even get to the Burnside Bridge without going past it and coming back and it was done at a snail's pace. If I hadn't needed something specifically from a store downtown, I wouldn't have bothered. I usually don't go downtown anyway because of the price of parking. The city and City Center Parking rake it in at the expense of the downtown merchants. More money to skim off for bicycle lanes, lockers, ramps, an city resources to plan it all.

Also remember the top deck of the Fremont bridge was closed as well. I skipped up MLK and tried to get across on the broadway, and it was backed up with traffic from I-5 getting into downtown.

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