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Monday, August 15, 2011

Ain't that America

Let's hope this is a spoof. A reader says it was taken at a Wal-Mart in Atlanta:

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Looks veeeerrry Photoshopped

But even if it's real, it wouldn't hurt considering the morons that violate the limit

Of course, the whole problem could be eliminated with a single queue for all checkouts. But since overall customer through-put (and sales) are no higher, grocery stores are loathe to change to single queues, even though they completely eliminate the "slow line" problem. Now that's America.

If you don't know how many "15" is, then you aren't going to be able to read the sign anyhow.

It's interesting that this Wal-Mart has a Best Buy logo on the sign in the background...

My guess is they're so used to people getting in the express aisle with many more than 15 items, that they decided to try a little "light-hearted" reinforcement of the policy. I think it's pretty clever since people with bigger loads will look more foolish on account of the juvenile presentation and their inability to count, even with their fingers.

RE: It's interesting that this Wal-Mart has a Best Buy logo on the sign in the background...

If that's not a sign of consumerism out of control: needing two express lines at Best Buy!

No lighted and numbered checkout kiosk sign nor a high bright white ceiling; party balloons at the checkout? Not a Walmart. Best Buy looks like a gift card sign, and note the save on gas come on. Probably a grocery store. If I had to bet I would say Safeway.

Notice that there are no "hands" on the second express line sign

This is the kind of thing that TinEye is good at solving. It finds it at Cracked too.

Each customer who goes through with only 15 items or less gets a free "Ow! My Balls!" DVD. (Yes, I know this was photoshopped. However, I worked for a call center for nearly three years, and had to deal with people so stupid that we openly referred to them as "free-range Soylent Green.")

Looks like the President's latest birth certificate.

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