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Friday, August 12, 2011

A wee problem

A reader has a bunch of questions about the 18-year-old ski-racer jerk who urinated on a young girl on a commercial flight from Portland to New York the other night:

Further evidence of OLCC incompetence or bar owner greed. Somewhere there is a bar that will serve an 18 year old kid seven to eight drinks on a Tuesday night. OLCC should track down the bar and revoke their license to serve alcohol, right? Also, somewhere there are TSA employees who can't notice a teenager who is pass-out drunk. And how did he get from the bar to the airport?

Do you think he was just drunk? It sounds to us like somebody who thought it would be cool to drop a hallucinogenic drug to make a long red-eye flight more interesting. He may not have been drinking much at all.

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Ugh, acid on an airplane? Hard to fathom.

But I hear it's also the drug of choice on navy submarines cause that's all you can smuggle on. Trapped underwater in a nuke sub, I guess when your 18 years old you will do acid anywhere.

"he consumed five to six beers and two rum and cokes before arriving at Portland's airport."

No need for any other substances for an 18 year old to be totally out of it.

A lot of documentation of people losing it at altitude.

""He was intoxicated and was charged as it's against the law to pee on another person," Joren said."

Thank god for small miracles.

That's really gross. But wait. Some OSU football player just got reinstated after beating the crap out of his girlfriend, served time, probation and now has to do a domestic violence program. What gives when it comes to the scales of justice in athletics? If it were up to me, no more chances for either of these jack @sses.

OH HO. So the Beavos are no better than the Duckies or most other football programs for that matter.... Well you know, jocks are a priority over the rights of women in most Division I schools. Thankfully, I went to a Divsion III school without a football program.

SKA, there's a followup on that article. Namely, our twit was just dropped by his ski team. Unlike high school or college football, the US ski team has no tolerance for that garbage.

Drunk people, especially 18 year olds, do some pretty stupid things. He was probably so out of it that he thought he was peeing in a toilet. He's going to pay a very steep price for this one.

I've never known people on hallucinogenic drugs to whip it out and pee on other people. Just sounds like standard drunk behavior. Maybe the kid took some oxycontins or other pills as well. That's what the kids seem to abuse these days.

Who's to say if he was even served at a bar, could've just gotten drunk at a party before leaving--or even gotten drunk with his ski racer buddies in the car on the way to the aiport. Kids at the age will engage in stupid binge drinking anywhere. Not like it's hard to get an adult or someone with a fake ID to go down and pick up a case of beer and a bottle of rum.

Kevin the US Ski Team put up the the bad and disgraceful behavior of Bode Miller.

How did he get past security and the gate agents if he was so intoxicated?

"You Kids Get Off My Lawn" He had a belly full of booze. It takes time to hit the blood stream. Then he is blindly drunk, at 30,000 feet. This is the same reason kids die from alcohol poisoning, they slam it all down before the party, game or concert.

If you're really drunk, you pass out and pee your pants. To whip it out in the aisle of an airplane and urinate on a passenger -- that's tripping.

The OSU player did not "beat the crap out of his girlfriend."

He "pulled her out of a McDonalds":


I don't know all the details but I don't think someone deserves to lose their livelihood for "pulling someone out of a McDonalds"

He got in a public tiff with his girlfriend, he should have been hit with a disorderly conduct.

But he was a big brown male, and she was a she and probably small and white, and Corvallis - no matter how eugene-y it feels these days - is still in Benton County.

And the kid on the airplane? I've seen a drunk awake and pee on the television in front of 10 people. (And then run outside and hide under a bush) Mistakes happen, it wasn't intentional, and urine is sterile. It is a whole universe away from intentionally exposing yourself to and peeing on a child. This wasn't a sex thing, it was an accident.

The charges were dropped against Mr. P after he got to NYC

jay jay mack - does the word apologist ring any bells? Seems like jock boys being jock boys is just fine with you & damn the consequences to anyone else. To be honest, I was the co-captain of my college's ski team. We might have imbibed a bit now and again, but never enough to impair our competitive edge or to disgrace our college or ourselves.

The NY Post has a great article with a picture of the perp in it. Needless to say, Mr. Vietze is 6'4" and 195 lbs. From the picture, he looks much older than 21 years old. He is not a Greg Oden type ugly where he looks 40 years older than his actual age, but a 5 to 10 year more than his actual age kind of ugly.


As for him having 8 drinks before, I doubt it and if he did, he probably said the whole "I am an Olympic athlete and I am walking sideways and looking fatigued because my training is intense" excuse. I could see this working on Portland, OR TSA and other airport employees who would not dare question anyone who wraps themselves in the flag for an excuse to hide being drunk or high.

I think the more likely explanation is that he snuck the liquor on board by mixing it before he unloaded his bags from the car. Or the flight attendants served him drinks without carding him by going solely off his physique and "looks older than he truly is" ugliness.

What you call being an "apologist" I call "not being histrionic".

Now aren't those mean "jock boys" just a such neanderthals! Their aggressive behavior make the more sensitive boys on campus so uncomfortable!

The term "jock boy" as you use it is pejorative. There are 10 of thousands of male NCAA athletes and a small small percentage are involved in anything bad - which is amazing considering a lot of these kids come out of the hood and get dropped into places like Coral Gabels.

Its pretty easy for me to forgive these guys, especially when they are from underprivileged backgrounds. Christ they're kids, remember what that was like? You mess up sometimes. Yeah its a little harder to forgive when its the Duke lacrosse team (well anyone from Duke) or some richy-rich ski dope like this guy, but even then, they're kids man.

We sh*t on people in this county for anything and everything. 8th graders get arrested for flicking boogers these days and its caused by attitudes like yours. The result ends up being we incarcerate more people than any other society on earth.

As a people we need to be more forgiving and less afraid. Less fear, more love.

So enough with your no second chances BS. That sh*t is for Texas. If you want to be holier and thou and enjoy judging your fellow humans harshly, that is the place for you. Cause ya know you've never really been to church until you've been to a MEGA-church.

Had an alcoholic boyfriend way back when who would repeatedly pee out the bedroom window when he got too plastered. Sorry Jack, this happens with plain old drunks sometimes.

Jesus, jay jay mack make it up as you go why don't you, since you don't know me from Adam. And you know less than nothing about my attitudes. But I'll give you a hint. I don't much care for authority but I do expect personal responsibility.

First of all, I think schools have gone overboard will all kinds of rules. There are a number of high jinx and/or political protests I was involved in as an undergrad that would currently result in either arrest or getting kicked out of that school. As a highly involved alum who gives, I got involved a few years back on behalf of students who protested (and occupied a building, eek gads, with no weapons involved). Some of them were weeks from graduation and the school was going to deny their degrees. The only adults in the room were alums like me. And we fixed it for the students.

But lets face it, if you pay any attention to the news, thuggism rants rampant among Division 1 jocks. Here's some Google results for you:




I do have a problem with bullies and spoiled brats, jay jay. And men who rape and assault women are bullies and usually narcissistic bastards. Coming from a hard background is no excuse for bad behavior ever.

I get stealing a loaf of bread if you are starving. I get shooting someone threatening your loved ones. I don't get being the fool because you you think you have entitlements because of this that or the other damned thing.

If you personally have kids jay jay, it worries me about the values they are getting. There are laws for a reason and it has zilch to do with forgiveness. If an athlete thug killed or raped one of your relatives would you forgive him? If an athlete thug stole your identity would you forgive him? If an athlete thug beat you up would you forgive him? Oh wait those would not be abstract crimes and involving other people.

Jay Jay Mack posts "The OSU player did not "beat the crap out of his girlfriend."
"He "pulled her out of a McDonalds".

Oh, I see. I guess it's ok for these esteemed athletes to display threatening behavior and forcefully yank a female around once in awhile. No big deal...I stand corrected. Reinstate to your heart's content. At least the ski team seems to have it right.

Er, the perils of hastiness.

This has happened several times before--the intial story turns out to not quite be the real story. Was he drunk? Yes. Was he stupid? Yes. Did he get served alcohol in Oregon before the flight? Er, no. He didn't.

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