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Friday, July 29, 2011

When I'm in port I get what I need

No fewer than eight readers e-mailed us this afternoon between 2:30 and 3:20 with the news that Sam Adams won't be running for re-election next year as the mayor of Portland. We missed all the hoopla because we were at the beach and weren't checking e-mail during that time. Finally a "breaking news" alert from KGW buzzed and flashed across the screen of our phone, but by that time we were about to dig into a sublime late afternoon double cheeseburger at the beachside lunch shack that's cropped up next to the tacky brew pub in Pacific City. We put the phone away and kept eating.

Anyway, it was surprising news in some ways. It's hard for us to see the mayor as being employable doing anything else but politics, and so we figured he'd run again to try to avoid unemployment.

But in other ways, it wasn't surprising at all. The mayor seems like an unstable guy, and we said at the start of his term -- even before his teen sex problems arose -- that he wouldn't make it through four years. It's still possible that he won't. If a good job offer comes along with a 2012 start date (or even sooner), he'd be a fool not to take it.

We're also not exactly shocked that it took one poll for him to see that his career as a Portland politician is over. Master campaign orchestrator Mark Wiener sat him down this week and told him the facts of life; no doubt old Winning (usually) Mark's got another horse in the race already lined up.

This afternoon and evening, several readers have left comments on other posts on this blog, rejoicing at the Tweet of Defeat. We'll move those over here later, but to us while the Adams announcement is good news, it's not great. Yes, it's a fine thing to have the lest vestiges of the Vera Katz years swept away, just as the city auditor has noted aloud that the city's rapidly going broke. Yes, it's a relief that in 2013 we will have a new mayor, and no longer have to cringe at being represented by a man of limited skills, plagued by creepy behavior, exhibiting a chronic problem with truth-telling, and sporting questionable values.

But who will replace him? Will it be someone smart, dedicated to middle-class Portlanders, immune to manipulation by the real estate developers and West Hills money, not ready to run off with public funds chasing every planner fad, capable of facing reality, and fiscally responsible? In short, will it be a normal grownup?

Charlie Hales is not such a figure.

Jeffer-Sten Smith is not such a figure.

Eileen Brady might be such a figure, but it's way too early to tell, and her early profile looks pretty Saltzman-esque. She might turn out to be the Obama of Portland City Hall -- big talk on the stump, but business as usual in office.

Then there's the next 17 months. With no more voters to face, the Sam Rand Twins are going to go nuts. It will take three strong colleagues on the City Council to keep them from trashing the place like a hotel scene out of Spinal Tap. And we're not sure there are three strong colleagues. Go-Along Amanda's in a pickle -- she's now running against Goldschmidt money with her own money. Will she be smart enough and focused enough to keep the two short-timers from inflicting their worst excesses? It remains to be seen.

In short, the news is good, but it's not great. The cheeseburgers in Pacific City, though -- those were excellent. [Visitor statistics via Clicky.]

Comments (24)

What is it with Sam and the number 17?

In any case, I suspect there's a job with Metro or Multnomah County with his name on it.

I'll have to try the burgers. But do they have micro-brews like the Pelikan? Something about the beach that demands a good beer.

Oh, and the longish Sam goodbye is a mixed blessing indeed. But the new can be worse (but not by much) than the old known fool-we-know.

Some earlier comments on this topic, left on another post:

Be careful what you wish for. I wonder what the The Kaiser plans to do.

Posted by Molly | July 29, 2011 5:55 PM

Jack this is a great weekend for City employees. We can look forward to no longer being embarrassed about working for the City. We are going to need to peel the onion and discard the inept personnel that he has positioned in management positions all over the City.

I can promise you an army of my fellow employees that would jump at the chance to work for your campaign. We are tired of being part of the Portlandia joke.

Just say that you'll consider this thought. That is the only way that this day could get better.

Posted by You signed my recall form | July 29, 2011 6:30 PM

Some other comments left elsewhere on this blog:

We need a BoJack 9000 on the buh bye Mayor Looney news.

Two Down and Three to go.

Posted by LucsAdvo | July 29, 2011 3:32 PM

There's a gift waiting for you back in Portland.

Posted by the other white meat | July 29, 2011 3:36 PM

There's a gift waiting for you back in Portland.

But there's also this part of his announcement. It's a double edged sword.

Posted by John Rettig | July 29, 2011 4:07 PM

"As I have considered the reality of a possible re-election effort, I have come to the conclusion that I have a choice: Move this agenda forward, or campaign full-time for re-election."

Summer is sweet or bittersweet?

Think we would be better off if he spent his time on a campaign rather than "more of his agenda" - same with Leonard. I am guessing the polls showed the SamRand twins were not going to get reelected period.

These two could do us all a favor and walk out of city hall next week hand in hand and retire on an island somewhere. They both plan to stay the course, who knows perhaps to even escalate their plans while they can and with the Admiral at the helm, not good for the people. The ship has been veered off course for far too long, they just won't quit, will they?

Wonder what positions elsewhere have been promised to them for delivering some final packages?

Posted by clinamen | July 29, 2011 9:18 PM

I can just see Sammy as the next streetcar salesman. After all he showed us how to get a modern, walking speed, streetcar system built.


The article on Oregonlive quoted the mayor as saying that he doesn't plan to be a "lame duck" but an active and effective duck. Who's he trying to kid, though? He has been a lame duck or perhaps even a roasted duck since the third week of his administration when Willamette Week exposed his lie. He never recovered from that. It became painfully obvious when every major Democratic politician shared the stage with President Obama last October in Portland...but the mayor was no where near the Convention Center. There is just no way that a president visits a city and the mayor doesn't get to meet him. This snub spoke volumes about how much the political establishment thought of our scandalous mayor.

Good riddance! Adams is now a case study on just how big of a bitch Karma is. One simple lie to protect his electoral chances ended up as the biggest form of narcissistic masturbation ever seen in political life. His dream of being a two or three term mayor and perhaps even a Congressman are gone, gone, gone. Let's hope he does some major soul searching in the desert, never to be heard from again.

As Curly Bill once said, "Well, bye..."

Master campaign orchestrator Mark Wiener probably told him that Eileen Brady had lined up Sam a "consulting" gig at New Seasons ...

"And you won't have to worry about making you mortgage payments ever again."

"With no more voters to face, the Sam Rand Twins are going to go nuts."

The Lame Creep Mayor and his sidekick Randy will be remembered for the distinguished and classy icons they are.

See here:


He is not going to spend his energy on his agenda. He will spend all his time and energy while on the city payroll looking for a new job. I’ll bet he will move out of Oregon. My guess is Chicago, Boulder or D.C.

Frankly I am amazed at all the bewilderment expressed at the "discovery"
You were told ahead of time but your need for correctness blinded your good sense. Portland you need to wake up.

Limp or lame for mayor creepy?

Run, Jack, run.

Jack could win if he could increase turnout: if the know-nothing hordes choose the next Mayor, it will be Streetcar Camas Charlie or Jeffersten.

Maybe Saltzman's paymasters will make him run?

As one of the early Jack-for-office fan club members, I still think it would be very good for us get-real-Portland types (ie not drinking the Liberal-Kool-Aid types).

But, really, three obvious realities to consider:

1- it is the worst job around, presiding over, and worse, trying to work with, liberal prima donnas elected by the wackiest electorate in the world (outside of the real Beirut), and staffer bureaucrats from PS-withoutta-clue Urban Planning Dept.

2- the pay sucks, and he would have to quit his day job. I say we change the City Charter to make this job a part-time gig. Jack could spend half the time he spends on blogging, and do four times as good as SamRand twins are currently doing. Less is much more.

3- the power brokers would come unglued, and pull out all the stops to kill his candidacy.

Clearly, the job is “I-wouldn’t-wish-it-on-my-worst-enemy” territory.

OK here it is the unmilkable moment when you tell the readers the truth about any ambitions you have or don't have to be involved in politics once and for all. So that we don't have to keep guessing and playing around all summer and half the winter can you tell us Yes or No?
Not that I have any faith in you as a leader of the toilet we call Portland as I don't know you. Nothing personal as you are probably one of the best we could ever hope to convince to take the job. To be honest The people here do not deserve a good leader (we suck as a people) because we do not hold our local leaders responsible (tar and feather) for their bad and often illegal behavior. The way I see it you are a lib and that will never change. But your saving grace is that you are honest and apparently decent. Which brings me to the point of it all for anyone who would even want to start to think about taking such a posistion.

Can you run a large business?
Have you ever ever had to meet a payroll?
Can you make nice with others and not give away the farm?
Can you resist the urge to play god?
Can you shut down the Nazi unions and school board criminals?
Can you do what we all really want and need with out becoming corrupt?
The person that would have one or two of these qualities does not exist in our life so we have to settle for the crap we get handed.

2- the pay sucks

$122,907 might suck in your world, Harry, but not mine.

Makes me think of one of the strangest moments ever in the quest to recall Sam Adams, what seems like a decade ago (thank God, what a thankless business that was).

I'm down at the Bite of Portland, which is a funny schtick they hold yearly for people to eat, drink, stagger, wander, and gawk on the waterfront.

I ask a tall young man, thin, longish hair, well-groomed, white shirt, hey, u wanna sign up to recall the "mayor"?

I received many responses to this question over that summer. This was by far the most jarring. He said "look around you. Look at these people. He's who they elected. He's who they want. He's just a reflection of the reality of this city."

Weeeeee.....llllll, gosh then. Hey, you have a chill day, OK?

I am visualizing a pair of red shoes sticking out from under a vacant condo bunker, and thousands of celebrating munchkins.

Thank you, Mayor Creepy!

when you tell the readers the truth about any ambitions you have or don't have to be involved in politics

I don't plan to run for any elected office. I have never won any election that I've ever been in, and that goes all the way back to high school student government. I just don't have the knack. Moreover, my services are worth more on the open market than what the mayor gets paid, and so until I'm collecting a pension, I'd have to take a pay cut, which I wouldn't do.

But it's an honor to be considered.

Well, if the candidate pool for mayor totally sucks, we might as well all write in Jack Bog. It might send a message.

Charlie Hales is not such a figure.

Jeffer-Sten Smith is not such a figure.

In my opinion, both these types are business as usual coming from insider avenues...
...we do not need Streetcar Charlie, planning to continue "his" vision of a "redo" of our city in negative ways, nor Jefferson who purports to be interested in city issues, but claims to know not much about our water situation and didn't even put the topic on his list of critical issues at a town hall meeting as recently as this past spring.
If after all this time, he begins to claim this is now an issue, he is just another opportunist. Think we have had enough of these types.

Just sayin'....take a close look at Portland Business Alliance....don't miss the name: "J. Isaac"

Nothing like a couple lame duck councilmen to make sure nothing happens to fix actual problems, but everything happens to "fix" perceived problems.

Here comes more streetcar spend, and nothing done about citizens getting gunned down in the crossfire of a gang war.

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