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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Run for your life

Up around Syracuse, New York, the suits are running two nuclear reactors at a power plant. The rank-and-file workers at the facility have gone out on strike. But don't worry! The scabs strikebreakers have been training for this for two weeks.

The fact that this facility isn't being shut down until the labor dispute is settled goes to show you how little the nucle-heads in industry and government value your safety.

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Where's Raygun when you really need him.

What's worse?

A- Air Traffic Control problems that delays flights and disrupts commerce?

B- Nuke plant problems that disrupts commerce and a few (or not so few) lives?

It is a free-for-all of self-interest maximization where all people (PoPo, ATC, Nuke workers, PERS scammers) that can game the system for a few more bucks into their pockets, regardless of impact to others, is going to do just that.

I wonder what the nuclear techs are paid now and what they are asking for? And how many got their nuclear training compliments of the taxpayers? The US Navy has more than 80 nuclear powered ships and trains lots of people to run them. Some probably leave the Navy early for lucrative jobs running civilian power plants.

(Info on nuclear powered Navy ships from Wikipedia. More there on the Russian nuclear powered ships.)

I wonder if I can sign up for that course in running a nuclear power plant.

I can see the ad campaign:

You could be running a nuclear power plant in only two weeks!
Call 1-800-NUK-FORU!

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