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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Poor Terry Porter

Last season he was left to roam the sidelines at Blazer games as a TV color commentator -- a gig normally left to... well, blondes. Now he's interviewing for a job coaching for David Kahn, perhaps the least likable and least successful executive in American pro basketball.

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My thoughts exactly.

What did Sweetness (apologies to Walter Payton) do to deserve this?!? I know that he bumped heads with Steve Nash in Phoenix, one of the players more respected by NBA executives.

When I saw him working the sidelines last year, I nearly vomited all over myself.

If you consider an "owner" to be an "executive", Kahn doesn't hold a candle to Donald Sterling.

Speaking of, well, blondes... I miss Rebecca Haarlow.

No talk of managerial incompetence is complete without mentioning Mike Brown of the Cincinnati Bungles.

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