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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oregon government "ethics" on parade, cont'd

Here in the Beaver State, you can't give the governor a gift. But you can contribute to his campaign fund, and he can use the money to buy his ex-wife a $7,400 home security system. Or spend it any other way he wants, apparently.

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Dan Meek for Attorney General?

In this day and age it is important to provide for the safety of prominent public servants and their families. One could argue that a sitting governor should have a body guard assigned for their children no matter where they are located. Obviously, this child is in a shared custody arrangement, and the fact that he is with his mom part of the time is just a fact of life. As a matter of policy we shouldn't allow him to be exposed to an enhanced risk of harm for the want of a relatively small security expenditure. (I don't know if Kitzhaber has had any death threats leveled against him and his family, but I would be surprised if he didn't.) The fact that he had to resort to using campaign funds for this kind of thing points to a hole in our system. In my opinion this should have been paid for with tax payer money as opposed to using campaign funds. This is another non-story just like the last one a bunch of people got all worked up over.

What do you you mean he *had* to resort to using campaign funds? He *chose* to use campaign funds. Read the article! This is a felony in other states, CA for example. Is Kitz claiming poverty? He is/was an MD...

Maybe he should buy her a new Volvo, so he can ensure his son's safety while riding around town.

You can unless you're Bill Sizemore.

The security cam hacked & online --

Gosh, that's like saying "No, I can't take your hundred dollar bill, but you can put it into my checking account."

Jack -

Please put on you tax prof hat.

Regardless of what Oregon state law allows be done with the slush, err campaign funds, is spending thsi money on the security system at the former Mrs. Doc's house taxable Section 61 income to Mrs. Doc or Retread?

I can't see how it isn't taxable income to somebody.

"Government Ethics" is an oxymoron in Oregon.

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