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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nice day to -- start again!

This morning's sun brought out two drive-by shootings in the gang war zone known as North and Northeast Portland. Both sets of shots were fired from a shiny, new silver or gray SUV. One incident was at around 9:30 up near 22nd and Lombard. The other was at noon on North Failing, about three blocks west of the Pix and Lincoln restaurants, which are nearby on Williams.

It seems it won't be long before the first yuppie, hipster, cyclist, soccer mom, or kid gets hit in one of these. The mayor's minions are no doubt already composing his Tweet with the condolences.

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"It seems it won't be long before the first yuppie, hipster, cyclist, soccer mom, or kid gets hit in one of these."

Sadly, I think that's the only thing that going to force the city/law enforcement to really get after this problem. There will always be crime/gangs, but this summer it seems like Portland has turned into a shooting gallery. Multiple generations of gang families, a horrible economy (particularly in the blue collar sector, which was the backbone of many strong communities in this area a few short years ago). Nobody wants to see anyone, much less an innocent person, lose their life in a pointless gang war, but it's not like these are crack shots - we're on borrowed time for a real tragedy unless this problem gets dealt with.

The police have more important things to do, like set up stings for people driving while on cell phones (no joke).

Another one tonight, in Southeast, this time with a man down: http://www.kgw.com/news/Man-shot-near-SE-135th--Division-125937393.html

Another one tonight, in Southeast, this time with a man down: http://www.kgw.com/news/Man-shot-near-SE-135th--Division-125937393.html

JK: Forget that crap - we have to get rid of those cell phone users!


The victim in the Southeast shooting is dead.

Being accurate with a handgun takes a bit of talent.

Being accurate with a handgun from an erratically moving vehicle is near impossible.

There will be a time very soon where someone minding their own business is going to catch a hot one. What's going to get the Mayor-Police-Commissioner to actually stop murder? When a taxpayer gets gunned down instead of some banger on the corner? Maybe a kid? A pregnant woman?

Set aside some time and watch "The Wire". If you don't see Portland in that series, you're not paying attention.

These gangs are no longer fighting for turf or for drugs. These are multi generational terrorists with no regard for anyone in their way. The police, like the TSA, continue the battle with one hand tied behind their back. Consider if gang enforcement officers were given the green light to profile any and all potential gang members, stop them, and conduct an investigation. If it turns out to be three kids coming home from a ball game wearing team colors so be it. Send them on their way as quickly as they determine there is no threat. There would of course be cries of racism and police misconduct. Same goes for the TSA. Imagine the money and time saved if they were told to generally screen everyone, but to pick out the really nervous looking Arab guys, and body search only them.

Of course this is not the way it is, or should be. It may be the direction we will have to go someday if it gets bad enough. Other nations get a kick of our correctness, but personal rights are something we all cherish, and are trying desperately to hang onto. I’m just no longer sure if it is possible to have it both ways.

I don’t see the value in criticizing the police for working on other dangerous activities such as writing tickets for drivers talking on the phone. It is not as if they should ignore all other safety issues because there are gang shootings. Especially since the errant driver would be more likely to kill me than a gang member

I was a Portland resident for 5 years. I moved here after attending college and getting a job in downtown PDX.

In those five years, I've bounced around neighborhoods. I've lived in SW Portland, a relatively nice place to live. I've lived in Beaverton, which is starting to get overcrowded. And I've lived in outer SE Portland, which has been the worst place to live (near 102nd and Burnside - the MAX station there).

Year after year, even in this relatively short amount of time that I've lived in Portland, I've noticed increases in violence (heck, this year I drove by the MAX station and saw a nice puddle of blood from an attack), in the amount of transients and homeless in downtown and how downtown itself is having a business exodus.

In fact, my work place has also relocated, from downtown to now inner SE, a testament about how businesses are trying to get out of downtown.

I recently made the decision to purchase a home. Instead of looking in Portland, I decided to look and purchase a home in Vancouver, Washington. I couldn't be happier. No hipsters in sight at my place. No random people walking by my place at all hours drunk or high and yelling. No violence and no police sirens happening nightly.

Yes, this has lengthened my commute. And it kinda stinks to work in Oregon and pay Washington income tax. But I couldn't be happier.

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