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Friday, July 15, 2011

More tax millions to the historical society

That outfit's quite a black hole. We love the study of history, and we support some public subsidy for it, but a high-overhead bricks-and-mortar facility in downtown Portland isn't sustainable. The smartest thing would probably be to scale it down, put more of it on line, and move the physical plant to somewhere much cheaper. If the West Hills bluebloods don't like that plan, they ought to pay up with donations and stop taking money from the schools.

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The historical society could raise some money by holding a yard sale, and sell off some of the huge warehouse-load of crap they are storing out in Gresham. There is a bunch of old stuff out there of questionable historical value. It's basically a bone-yard of rich-donor tax-deductible cast-offs, accumulated over many many years. It is a sad waste of taxpayer resources to pay all that money to store dead people's junk.

Hmmmm. Last November I thought that only Multnomah County voters could save this (statewide) museum because the State just wasn't going to contribute. Now a few months after the vote, the State is kicking in $2.5 million. Portland voters are really really really stupid.

What will it be next year? Parks? The library? Schools again? Just get it on the ballot, we'll vote for it.

If PT Barnum were alive today, he'd be in Portland, Oregon.

It's been my observation that a large number of Portland residents spend a great deal of time drunk or stoned stumbling from one "cool scene" to the next while patting themselves and each other on the back for being tuned into the latest misinformation from the street.

The informed resident voters, who are truly invested in the community and who actually pay attention, simply seem too few in number to make much difference.

The pols have figured this out and are operating in smash-and-grab mode.

They should move it to Cascade Locks. They got land. All that dusty junk might be too toxic for the Gorge though.

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