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Monday, July 11, 2011

Like a door that keeps revolving

Mainstream media may be fading, but government p.r. jobs continue to flourish in Portlandia. Here's the latest episode.

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So all those reports he and others give while covering city/county government must be tryouts for their new employers.

Just another reason not to watch local news, hell most of the time they screw up the weather too.

PJ - Hate to see media shrinking but it's too simple to insinuate a reporter must have been doing Pravda-style journalism if they someday go to work for someone they cover. People like to hire people they know, and I suspect this was no different.

When all hell is breaking loose, we'll be glad there's a smooth pitchman at OEM telling us all to remain calm - the city is doing it's all to get the bioswales, green roofs, and bike lanes up and running again.

Randy gets a reward for playing Nerf-ball with guberment people all those years.

Now, he needs to make busy crafting all those ready-to-read/print spin stories for faxing to all the media outlets.

But wait, did we miss Mark Ross having changed sides recently?

He doesn't need a job at POEM. This is a well run city with great leadership. There will never be a problem. Sam and Randy get up each morning and then the sun shines. Life is glorious. Dear Leader.

There has to be a POEM in this somewhere.
I think I will refill the drink glass and see if I can be creative.

Good - One more reason to believe govt as much as the guy selling you deodorant.

No money for schools, but MAX and this crap - no problem.

... and I´ve seen it before
... and I´l see it again
... yes I´ve seen it before
... just little bits of history repeating


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