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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Latest woes in Fukushima: heavy rain and flooding

A battered land gets hit again.

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Wow. What those people continue to endure. So sad. On the other hand, this may be Mother Nature's attempt at helping out with the nuclear disaster. "Dilution is the solution."

Jack being a person from Jersey and that New Jersey is long overdue for a hurricane and that we have the nations oldest nuclear plant, this article was gleaned from todays Press Of Atlantic City.
Associated Press: Lacey Township
Power failure kills 300 fish at N-plant
Several hundred fish are dead after a power outage DISRUPTED PUMPS that cool the water leaving the Oyster Creek nuclear plant.
The fish were found in the canal that runs along the plant in Lacey Township. Officials say roughly 300 fish died after water temperatures there suddenly rose Thursday night.
Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokesmen Neil Sheehan says an electrical fault at an off-site switchyard caused the disruption. Power to the pumps was restored Friday morning.
Problems with water temperatures leaving the plant have caused similar incidents in the past.
Oyster Creek is the nation's oldest nuclear plant.
Now Jack, that was the OFFICIAL REPORT, my guess the TRUE REPORT will never be known!

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