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Monday, July 18, 2011

Kitzhaber's education chief: old face, strong union ties

Oregon's retread governor has named Tim Nesbitt to run his initiative to revamp the state's education system, kindergarten through grad school, under a single board. Nesbitt was Ted Kulongoski's chief of staff, and before that he was a heavy hitter in the AFL-CIO, credited with building greater political clout for government employee unions and bringing down Bill Sizemore. He teamed up with Bob Stacey to fight Measure 37, throwing some serious hands with Measure 49. More recently, he was the guy cracking the whip to make sure that university employees felt the same pain from budget cuts that other state employees did. Willy Week has called him "one of the smartest men in Oregon politics."

It will be interesting to see how much Nesbitt does to rein in a state university system that seems to be careening out of control, particularly in Eugene. Whatever he does, you can bet that it will be blue as blue can be.

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I always thought Bill Sizemore was responsible for his own destruction.

"Tim Nesbitt to run his initiative to revamp the state's education system".

That may be one of the most preposterous things in Oregon political history.

Might as well turn the re-vamping over to the OEA and make the same claim.

Wait a minute, it's the same thing.

I'll bet Kitzhaber made the promise to appoint Nesbitt/OEA to make it up to the them for the recent reform package.

Now the OEA can use the power of the revamping to implement, or not, (and the way they choose) the reforms and more.

For kids of course.

"called him "one of the smartest men"

They forgot to mention un-elected.

So Nesbitt is going to b Kitz' proxy on the committee to "re-form" education in the state.

I see real big changes coming - Puh-leeze, Nesbit was pulling the strings to get all the over-priced benes for state employees he could. Why would he change from a fox to one of the chickens in the hen house?

Amazing, for how liberal and progressive a state we are supposed to be it is almost impossible to find anyone new with a new idea in govt.

I'm sure the Ducks are a straw dog, and the real "deal" will unfold in the future.

Oh God - another Union Putz! One more indication Oregon is doomed just like California...

Given that Nesbitt came down on Lariviere for giving overtime to staff making $25,000 a year, I'm hoping he might cut off Chancellor Pernsteiner's housing allowances - or at least impose a modest co-pay on his $7000 maid service bill.

Isn't Nesbitt one of the Goldy cronies? I seem to recall a connection, there.

Did anyone really expect anything different from Kitzhaber?

Nesbitt is the typical union
Guy.get ready for more of the same old tired liberal garbage that schools lack adequate money.it concerns me that kitzhaber is putting. Many of kulongoskis cabinet in power.

Because nothing says "reform" like being a former AFL-CIO chief.

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