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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I sit in for a few

With the cool spring and early summer we've been having in Portland, it didn't seem as though the local strawberries would ever get here. But we picked up some Hoods yesterday, and they're good. The strawberries you get the rest of the year are like turnips in comparison. The farmer guy selling them out of his truck told us that they've got another 10 days or so to go out at his place. We'll be eating them every conceivable way until then. Anybody got a good recipe for strawberry chicken?

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Starve you chickens for 48 hours. Put strawberry juice in their water container and feed them nothing but strawberries for 20 days. Then slaughter them. Stuff them with strawberries and strawberry jam. Roast until done.

We picked a bunch of Hoods out at Sauvie Island last weekend--got there super early, before the crowds. Those berries taste SO good, but they go bad SO fast. We made jam, ice cream, and syrup, then pulverized the rest for smoothies for the kids. I do take some selfish pleasure in their short shelf life, as it means the rest of the country hasn't caught on to how awesome they are.

freezer jam
2 quarts fresh whole strawberries rinsed and hulled, and place in a colander
Pour about 1 quart boiling water over the berries and let drain
Place berries in a pan adding about 2 cups sugar (to taste) with the strawberries.
Stir constantly until the berries and sugar come to a rolling boil. Turn off the heat and let sit till cool.
Scrape off the pink "fuzz" around the edges. This is good stuff. (You can use this on ice cream or toast or what ever)
Place the strawberry jam in containers and freeze.
Enjoy during the winter months

We will still have berries coming in for another 2 months on this side of the mountains. That's the east side.


What about something like this only with strawberries and perhaps without the mustard?


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