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Friday, July 15, 2011

He's running for something

Jack Roberts is back on the op-ed page, with happy talk about the Oregon economy and blasphemy to his Republican brethren:

It's worth noting that this rebound in our economy came after the passage of ballot Measures 66 and 67, the so-called "job-killing" tax increases approved by voters in January 2010. This may not settle the continuing debate over the wisdom of those measures, but it does remind us that it's a mistake to overemphasize the impact of taxes and other government policies on the overall performance of the economy, positively or negatively.

Oooooh, that's so moderate! We'd bet his hat is about to go into some ring or other.

Comments (8)

Could be, but I think he is trying to sell real estate.

I am surprised Oregon is now doing so well!

Reading the comments, it sounds like the Portlandia style Barista, food service jobs are leading the charge! Go Creative Class! Go by street car!!

Roberts strikes me as a smart guy, but his current job as head of the economic development outfit in Lane County makes me wonder.

Roberts playing "the Don" (Maziotti) in Lane County shouldn't make you wonder at all.

Its all about maximizing the PERS pension.

Jack, you are the only one I know that reads Jack Roberts.


I can't past his first sentence.

Who reads the Oregonian?

Ah, he appears to be touting increased jobs and a high GDP growth rate compared to others. You'll forgive me Mr. Roberts if I'm skeptical of government GDP numbers. Those usually get quietly "revised" a few months down the road.

Jack, " his hat is about to go into some ring"....his hat size is too big.

"We'd bet his hat is about to go into some ring or other."

I am ready to cover all bets on this topic.

Also, I'm not just sitting back scheming for ways to get an op-ed published in the Oregonian. I have a contract with them to write a column every other Thursday (rotating with Dave Lister), which is another reason people needn't look for a hidden motive behind my regular appearances there.

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