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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Good times

We spent an interesting 20 minutes or so on the public radio this morning as a guest on Think Out Loud with Dave Miller. We talked about our recent immigration jail floor plan flap and a few other angles of our ninth anniversary in the blogosphere. It was probably more interesting than The Delicious Dish, but not too much so.

We were grateful for the invitation to appear, but we hope to change back now, from being the story to writing the story. It's easy to see that media tours, even mini- ones, are not our thing.

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Next stop: "AM Northwest".

Listened in, you sounded great! Congrats on 9 years of this stuff.

I heard you as well -- you sounded great! I wanted to call in to talk about what an asset you are for the city, but didn't get a chance. Here's to another 9 years!


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