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Friday, July 1, 2011

Did Tom Moyer just walk away from felony charges?

According to an alert reader, the Multnomah County judge presiding over the felony case against developer and former movie theater mogul Tom Moyer has thrown the charges out, as he had done once before. The state appealed the last dismissal all the way to the Oregon Supreme Court, which reversed the trial judge and sent the case back to Multnomah County.

The case has been knocking around since Moyer allegedly made contributions to the 2004 mayoral campaign of then-city commissioner Jim Francesconi under false names. If the charges have been tossed out once again, it would probably be on grounds other than freedom of speech, which was the circuit court judge's erroneous rationale before.

Is the local mainstream media going to let this once-high-profile case disappear without a peep?

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Q. Did Tom Moyer just walk away from felony charges?
A. Probably

Looks like they already did

Hello, media,big inside story here!

You realize that Tom Moyer is 92 years old don't you? I don't know anything about the case, but at some point, on a deal like this where no one was hurt or died, maybe someone at the prosecutor's office is just exercising a little judgment.

Gee. I don't think being elderly excuses one from the consequences of criminal actions. Bernie Madoff and and number of elderly men convicted by the Feds are not getting any walks or even time-off their sentences. However, this is Portland, home of the back room deals. And that apparently includes jurists at times.

Tom "The Chin" Moyer. Next?

There's "elderly" and then there's "very elderly"; Tom Moyer is 19 years older than Bernie Madoff.

He should be prosecuted, and if guilty, heavily fined. He can afford it, and Oregon (where he doesn't live) needs the money.

Isaac - What's your age criteria? Would you let Whitey Bulger walk because he is so old?

I don't have any particular age criterion. The Oregonian's story said that the prosecution decided that Tom Moyer wasn't able to aid and assist in his own defense, which is sort of a code phrase. See State v. Bostrom, 2 Or App 466 (1970).

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