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Friday, July 15, 2011

Another distinction for Portland State

It means so many things to so many of us -- but now it's truly triumphed, as the no. 5 most hipster college in nation. Go by streetcar!

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Then it's no coincidence that Portland is one of the worst dressed cities in the U.S.

Just sayin' ...

Portland finds pride in weird places.

You gotta compete where you can I suppose.

Damn! now I cannot admit I attended this school either. (U of Nike went off the list ages ago)

A lot of Portland city hall is driven by Portland State. Significant parts of the drive to build the Portland (milwaukee) light rail benefits Portland State properties. Government driving more government on the backs of federal, state and local taxpayers. The students can be counted on for pro-bigger government votes (literally a bulkhead of pro government forces easily canvassed on the last days of each election into voting pro government initiatives and candidates). Killing this dynamic is key to turning back the Goldschmidt way of doing things.

Trying to tear down another local institution that's making something of itself? 10 years ago when my oldest graduated from high school Portland State was where you went if you couldn't get in anywhere else and didn't want to go to PCC. Now it's actually a preferred choice for some students in my youngest's high school class. Despite your catcalls, they're doing SOMETHING right.

Not only are the majority of degrees worthless in the real world, no one who goes there is actually from Portland either.

I actually have fond memories from PSU from 40 years ago. It was a working people's school. A variety of folks went there, and while it did not have a "reputation" for scholarship we all thought it was pretty good. I still think it was as good or better as any of the state colleges and universities at the time.
Now that PSU has morphed into a real estate development company I have very little regard for the administration of the school, and I have no doubt that the actual educational opportunities offered to students will suffer as a result.

"Not only are the majority of degrees worthless in the real world ..."

I agree, and it's why college graduates, even social science ones, make more money over their lifetimes than non college graduates. Uh what was that again?

You all are mistaking another puff piece freelance drive-by for reality. PSU, as always, is primarily an urban commuter school with an extremely diverse population of students, from all walks of life and economic backgrounds and colors of skin.

Seriously. Put these articles in the trash, where they belong. They're written to attract eyeballs, not present reality or factual information. And you fell for it.

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