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Sunday, July 3, 2011

A guiding hand

My buddy Jake, who's singularly responsible for the technical side of bringing this blog to you, had his picture in the paper over in Bend yesterday, being a dad. He's a good man.

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Jeez, is he creating a CYCLIST?!?! ;)

I remember well this rite of passage from my own life, with my grandad in Pompton Plains, NJ. It was a long time ago now (sigh). Best wishes to Michelle for a long, happy and safe lifetime of cycling.

"Jeez, is he creating a CYCLIST?!?! ;)"

Hehe...not in this town. The roads here are worse than the Portland area for bikers. I used to be a cyclist, but that was 20 years ago when Bend was a helluva lot smaller -- I don't think I'd use that as a mode of transportation too much any more.

Thanks for the link, Jack! I've been buried the last few weeks, finally catching up on some reading :-)

"The roads here are worse than the Portland area for bikers."

How are the sidewalks?

How are the sidewalks?

Not much better. Thanks to the City's inability to create ADA-compliant sidewalks (and losing a lawsuit that pointed that out), they're tearing up quite a few sidewalks in town to make them ADA-compliant. That, and the weather around here (and the gravel that comes flying off the roads when things are finally above freezing) causes havoc and chips away at the sidewalks.

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