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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

You go, Andrew Cuomo!

On the heels of getting gay marriage passed through a Republican legislature, the governor of New York has announced that he's closing the Indian Point nuclear reactor, which powers, and threatens, New York City. This is what is known as leadership.

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More leadership we could use right now!

This almost makes me want to move back to NY state, except I still disdain winters and that's not ever going to change.

Tbere is a great piece in the NYT on how Cuomo got the marriage bill through the NY state legislature (Assembly and Senate).


I am just curious. When the oil runs out, and cars are electric, and there are 1000 times more servers sucking at even more electricity, how do you picture the nation satisfying energy needs? The world? 50 years from now, when power demand is at least twice that of today, and we've gotten rid of a lot of fossil fuels, how will we do it? It's not a question to antagonize you, I just want to know your thoughts.

Jack, the dems actually have a 2-1 edge in the state assembly the GOP controls only the state senate and by a 32-30 edge.

Also unlike the US Senate, there are still moderate republicans in the NY senate. Also the rules allow for a simple majority to pass bills as opposed to the 60 vote supermajority the U.S. senate seems to need.

Yes, well, as you point out, the Republicans control the state senate, and yet the state just enacted gay marriage. Call Governor Retread in Salem and ask him to make some liberal moves with -- not even a minority -- a deadlock in one house. You'll hear a lot of moaning on the other end of the line.

Cuomo is getting it done for the people who elected him. Unlike the White House. Unlike Mahonia Hall (gag).

While I don't think anyone objects to shutting off 40+ year old nuclear plants that are a handful of months from an expired license, I'm curious as to what New York is going to do to replace the 2,000 MW of electrical power. The article states that is rougly 25% of New York's energy supply.

Windmills and solar aren't going to cut it, and you've got about 5 years. That means you get to pick one of:

• more nuclear (waste buildup, current media attention)
• more coal (strip mining, soot, carbon spew, lung cancer)
• more natural gas (LNG pipelines, fracking, flammable drinking water, elevated cancer rates around compressor stations)
• more hydro (flooded valleys for reservoirs, fish kills, etc.)

I wouldn't be surprised to see them attempt to get a piece of the increase capacity that Canada is building into the hydro project at Niagara Falls, but that's just one more import we're paying for, rather than doing it ourselves.


Looks like Cuomo might have some feet of clay. I have a number of friends in upstate NY who are worried about fracking based on what has been going on with aquifers elsewhere.

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