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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Yay! We can still vote against Fireman Randy.

Send him off in style: Vote no on his two buddies, Mayor Creepy and Steve Novick. Weird isn't working!

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Surely Randy is checking out because he doesn't expect Sam to be re-elected, so Randy most likely won't be able to run the city any more. Whether it makes sense to vote against Novick seems to me to depend on who else is running.
Slightly off-topic is the recent press about the wonderful new light-rail/bicycle/pedestrian bridge now being constructed across the Willamette. It doesn't have a name yet. I urge you to run a contest for a name for this bridge. My entry: The Steal Bridge.

I wonder what life is like for the fireman in "Randy's World"?
Is he aware that a great many people really revile him?

I still say Jack ought to run.

Thanks, but I can't afford it, and I wouldn't win.

I think you could win. The money... yeah, I get that.

You could sell votes.

"It's going to be a street fight, and I'm not sure how well Jeff is built for street fighting," Leonard said. "I'll put my money on the street fighter."


Even though I started late and didn't raise enough money for my run in '06 I think I worked my butt off and tried to convey a message for back to basics and fiscal responsibility. Unfortunately, I was branded "conservative" and that was all she wrote. I ended up with about fourteen percent.

I think the key to getting some new blood on the council is to somehow motivate the under-vote in east Portland. I tried but failed. I'm not sure how you could accomplish it. Those folks out there in the "occupied territories" (annexed) don't feel like they are part of Portland, generally don't go downtown or venture much east of 82nd Ave. They pretty much agree that city hall is goofy, but don't seem to think it affects them and their voter turnout is low.

As long as we have waves of young "creatives", coming here to play for a few years before they have to move to find a decent job (unless they are fortunate enough to get a job with the city) you will have a huge voting block that think that Sam and the gang are hip and cool and cutting edge. A trend back toward the blue-collar Portland I grew up in could change that, but I don't see it happening anytime soon.

The way things are going in the world, I'm not sure we will even have an election in 2012. Or if we do, nobody will want to vote.

"It's going to be a street fight..."

Translation: Mark Weiner is already digging up dirt on Cogen and will resort to lies and mud-slinging if he can't find any.

Sam Adams will do or say ANYTHING to win.

Dave Lister - First, you might do some research to see who (demographics) actually votes in Portland.

Second, drop the East side bigotry if you are serious about winning. You need to represent everyone not just your favorite peeps. Otherwise you are same as the old kiddies in the hall. Most boomers on the West side that I know (and it's more than a few) are fed-up with the B.S. that goes on in kiddie hall. But we want to know that our interests will be represented too. We get screwed time and time again (Tri-Met cuts, extra fees for this, rec centers shoved down our throats, sewer lines that need to be replaced in 10 years (and all the inconveniences that go with that), trams built over our neighborhoods, tax breaks for developers and wealthy condo dwellers, streets that are not be maintained.

I hope you will keep us up to date on your views for the Portland vacant seats (I am including Adams as becoming vacant). I want to work actively for a good mayoral candidate. Any suggestions?

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