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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Will TSA grope you at airport?


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If this sort of thing is happening, the terrorists have won.

I hate to fly anymore, and do so as infrequently as possible.
For those of us with replaced parts, the new stepped up "security measures" are one step away from a doctor's exam.
What a waste of time and money! The bad guys are way ahead of us. The dolts doing the groping are continually proved incompetent, missing all sorts of real threats. Just look at the group that was recently fired in Honolulu.

When my Mom flew out of Portland last year, she used an airport wheelchair to get her from the check-in counter to the gate. Mind you, this is an airport wheelchair, accompanied by an airport employee. When she got to security, the TSA folks practically disassembled the wheelchair, including swabbing it for the "sniffer" machine.

It's so nice to know that common sense is absent at the federal level as well as here in the good ol' City of Portland. Or maybe it's just contagious at the airport.

Now the TSA is denying they demanded that the adult diaper be removed for examination.
When the publicity gets bad...just lie.

Next time you fly, take a really hard look at who the TSA employs. Most of them couldn't be hired as rent a cops. Like the grumpy old man who hassled me on my last trip. I printed the boarding pass at home. He didn't think the date was clear enough (well get better glasses or don't work at a job that requires reading fine print if you are over 65). His utter stupidity was revealed in the fact that the airline must have thought I was OK to be a flight that day as they had stapled my baggage claim to the very same ticket he was bitching about. I bit my lip hard because I knew saying a word to a jerk with a bit of power would end badly. But a number of those employed by the TSA appear to have DSM type personality disorders. But some how I doubt they do a very good job screening TSA employees for intelligence or emotional problems.

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