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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Welches con man was "working" in Gresham

A reader writes:

Just been introduced to your blog... While snooping around I saw the sidebar photo of the con man from Welches. Wish I'd seen it last month. Gave the guy $40 in downtown Gresham.
It's a pretty typical pattern for grifters. When people catch onto you in Portland, you move to the suburbs.

Comments (3)

The man needs a whole new locale. Gresham isn't enough of a move.

Scam in Beaverton, for a need to get to Banks.

Washington County folks are soft.

(Ducks head, covers up with arms, runs.)

I saw David downtown about 8pm Wednesday. He was walking down the bus mall with a younger male friend. I followed him for a little bit to see if he would work his scam on someone but he did not. I had an appointment so could not stick around. He and his friend headed north toward Old Town and I went south.

I noted that he was wearing a blue long-sleeve t-shirt that said "Hooper Chiers Center" in big letters. I take that as evidence he has been a "client" of that facility.

How about creating a Google map page where we can tag his sightings? Might be interesting to see what his pattern is.

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