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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Unclean! Unclean!

We were downtown today -- a fairly rare occurrence any more -- and we happened by the site of the old Greek Cusina, which Fireman Randy's zealous minions shut down for multiple fire safety code violations. It's been empty ever since the City of Portland "hit squad" raided the place, but now it's been branded on both street sides with the Fireman's infamous scarlet letter:

These signs are supposed to warn firefighters responding to a call on the property, but is there anyone on the firefighting force who doesn't know the history and condition of this building? To us, the signs seem a lot more about you-know-who telling the world about who's its daddy. "The owner of this property has incurred the wrath of..."

I'm thinking that maybe we ought to put that U on the front of a T-shirt. I'd wear one. But what would it say on the back?

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& me are screwed

Unemployment Department Of Portland

U got any spare change?

U paid for it

U gotta do something about Portland's
out-of-control City Council!

U are foolish to keep voting for the SamRand twins. Please stop it!

"The City That Works"

How about "bojack.org"?


The sign has a look of Germany in the thirties.

And two of them, one facing each street. Super creepy.


"I'm thinking that maybe we ought to put that U on the front of a T-shirt. I'd wear one. "

Would you wear it if it said "BETCHA!" on the back?

Betcha you wouldn't.

Here ya go, Jack. Let me know if you want something else on the back.





When they finally ran the owner out, they must have had half the fire department crawling all over that building for a few days. Fire trucks parked all over the street.

Randy's gloating couldn't have been more obvious if he had taken a leak on the corner of the building while the O snapped photos.

I'm curious about the status of the building. If it has effectively been abandoned.

Keep a knockin' + Jon's bojack.org underneath.

"-ncle Randy, enemy of business"

" - thought your taxes paid for fire protection? Bwaahhaaaahaaaahaaaaa!

Resistance is fUtile.


U is for Unclean. Most of downtown can wear these signs.

It is basically the sign of the beast (Dear Father and Great Leader Leonard) who was anointed to decide what is right/wrong and moral/amoral for all Portland. Hopefully his reign will culminate in self-imposed exile where he can ruminate upon the effects of his impulsive actions on Portland.

Steve R., that's the general idea, but I'd make the U on the front smaller. And the jury's still out about the back.

Uberfurher Leonard = U S*ck

Weird Isn't Working


The first picture looks like the U is duck taped??!!???


Commissioner Mean Must Intervene

Un-Election 2012 ~ No incumbents.
Someone save my city, please.

Should the "U" have a bird on it?

Agree, No incumbents and no insider retreads either
or any who are promoted to continue the ruinous agenda.


U Urb(an)uses U

Okay, the "U" is smaller now.

Actually it should be

U means un-dead.

For all the zombie space downtown.

"Flunk" "U"

A more polite tee shirt that kids can even wear and adults can differentiate the real meaning.

Allan L. and I have occasionally disagreed on rhetoric, but I couldn't agree more with what he said above...

If these buildings are unsafe fire hazards, perhaps they should be torn down. What would happen if I put a sign up warning people how dangerous my property is -- and then say someone actually got hurt. Wouldn't I be sued left, right and center -- plus fined by the government for good measure?

United against "soulmates" like Sam and Randy.

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