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Sunday, June 12, 2011

U of O gets in bed with pure corruption

I am not making this up: The University of Oregon has suddenly entered into a strategic partnership concerning "environment and development" with the government of the West African nation of Gabon, one of the most corrupt in the world. Apparently, few on campus heard a peep about it until the announcement of the done deal was dropped like a stink bomb by the university president, Richard Lariviere (left), on Friday. Lariviere actually had face time with the corrupt "president" of Gabon, Ali Bongo Ondimba (right), in Washington, D.C. earlier that day.

The Bongo family has run its country with an iron fist since 1967. It has looted billions while most of the country's people live in abject poverty.

No, wait, we're told, this Bongo's a reformer. Yeah, right, they all are. Doesn't the U of O have a political science department?

Many of the folks on the faculty in Eugene are beside themselves over not only the partnership, but also the way in which it was handled. We don't blame them. It's one thing for the spineless fellow in the White House to kiss up to tyrants who have oil, money, and position in the U.N. But the U of O doesn't need to go there, especially not under the radar. What a shabby lesson to teach the students. And the greenwash on the whole affair is breathtaking. "Sustainability" trumps human rights, folks -- you'll be hearing a lot more about that in the years ahead.

What makes matters worse is that several of the other state universities, including Portland State and the medical school, also reportedly played a role in a "consortium" that brought about the new "research center." It's a shame how obsessed the entire state university system has become with corporate prestige and money. Its leadership is all about the next fancy deal. The last time we checked, education was not about deals. Then again, maybe the state universities aren't really about education any more.

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Nice follow-up to the previous post.

It's a shame how obsessed the entire state university system has become with corporate prestige and money. Its leadership is all about the next fancy deal. The last time we checked, education was not about deals. Then again, maybe the state universities aren't really about education any more.

Whatever corporate runs and wants, apparently it is OK. Can we trust research coming out of compromised universities?
It is simply OK to trash whatever these days, even our Constitution, what is left of it after Congress betrayal.
I would say to parents and students, save your money, read on your own about history and philosophy, etc, take a few classes, but do not go into huge debt now with student loans...no jobs anyway, what is the point?
Very sad indeed what has happened in the world regarding morals, in our nation and evidently echoed in our universities!
Not only are they ignoring moral implications, they are teaching by example, that is OK.

I suppose as long as the ducks win, all is well...and in financial matters as long as the bucks win...all is well. Never mind that our planet is being poisoned from one end to the other by abusive decisions...all is well.

Public universities of today *are* corporations, in almost every sense of the word. Entire curriculums and the defining of new "degrees" and increasing of required credits for existing degrees is just one facet of the face of public higher ed. PSU (like most other public universities) do their best to accept mostly "non-residents" into their ever-expanding list of graduate programs--because they can collect 2-3 times the amount of tuition.

If more people would just realize and accept this--that public universities (and most private) are a waste of time, they'd be better off (and less encumbered by debt).

I need to see what this deal entails. But I do know that the thousands of dead in Iraq may have preferred Hussein (sp) to the current cluster.

History will tell if Egypt will be happier or still corrupt.

It seems in that corner of the world, governments are monarchies, dictatorships, and/or corrupt. Are there any well-run African nations or Arab nations - that look out for the people? Exclude Israel please...

This is the sort of thing that makes for a day of anger, depression, and regret over ever having voted for the bum we have in the White House.

Hope and change, indeed.

Gabon is one of the biggest destinations for (sorry, PC people, Islam-sanctioned) slave-trade in Africa. Makes me want to puke.


But hey, the Rose Festival's new queen just knighted "Puddles" the duck mascot and the U of O Football team were grand marshals of the Spirit Mountain Grand Floral Parade! Phil must be so proud.

Word down at the faculty club is that Chancellor Pernsteiner will sign for OUS as soon as Bongo agrees to house-swap the $120 million Paris "Pozzo di Borgo" he bought with stolen money for Pernsteiner's Tree-Tops mansion in Eugene, 2 weeks a year. Seems appropriate.


Bongo's Pozzo di Borgo? Bunga bunga!

Gabons President Ali Bongo Ondimba, aka Gary Colemen looks like he is telling Lariviere.....My Caymen Island acount is #A4477B and you can also use PayPal!

It might be a chance to get back some of that foreign aid we have given them over the years http://us-foreign-aid.findthebest.com/directory/d/Gabon

If Daddy Warbucks can't sell a couple of billion in muni-bonds, he's going to have to find that money elsewhere. Enter Oingo-Boingo, stage right.

It's telling that the Pres. of Gabon figures he can learn something about skimming off sustainability projects from us Oregonians.

Maybe UO will hire Cylvia to work on a green energy contract with Bongo?

This is beyond disgusting!
Every alum ought to write and tell U of O that there will be no more alum contributions...ever, but it probably doesn't matter any more.

Portland Native:

Please don't do that. We need the money for scholarships to offset the tuition increases we have had to make, given declining state support from Pernsteiner - who is funneling what remains to his croissant fund and also to EOU, SOU, etc.

But by all means email UO It's pres at uoregon dot edu. It does matter what people think, it just takes a lot of effort to get through their skulls.

Lars Larsen picked up on this story today, echoing many of Jack's concerns.

I'll bet an ol' fashioned 20 dollar bill that Tenksey posts next.

You lose.

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