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Friday, June 3, 2011

Too many cowboys

If you think the bulletproof glass at the bank is a drag, wait 'til they put it in at the drugstore. Here's a story about a sad trend -- reported from Seattle.

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In a way the bullet proof glass makes the place safer because it drastically reduces the likelihood that the druggies/robbers will attempt to rob the bank/pharmacy. It bothered me at first when banks started doing this about 10 years ago, but now I barely notice it. It's not me they are worried about after all...but I agree that it's still sad. The druggie kid who had the Glock 19 pointed at him is very lucky that the pharmacist didn't shoot, even though he was completely justified to do so. It's hard to believe that Oxycontin is so great that people are willing to kill for it, but I guess they say it has addictive properties that are similar to heroin... which isn't surprising since it was a creation of Big Pharma way back when as well.

so much for the drug 'war'

Do we really need Oxycontin in the doctors' bag of painkillers? It has been a social disaster since it was first introduced.

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